Thursday’s Drawing, Sorrow #12

I don’t know about you, but when I draw my mind just goes the whole time and especially with this particular piece.  It’s a great 30 minutes to not only get totally absorbed into what I’m drawing, but also to kind of just think quietly about things that have been on my mind.

Today I worked the fabric so it’s about 95% completed and once the face, arm and hand are finished I’ll go back to that last 5%.  Something was bugging me about how the fabric was siting on the knee so I fixed that up a bit, smoothed out some of the harsh edges of the fabric folds and finished the fabric that wraps around the front/neck area and head.  Next week I’ll concentrate on the arm, hand and face which will probably take an hour.  And finally I have some ideas with the background right-hand side it will become a quiet second subject.  Using Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper, and graphite pencils:  4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B and 3B.

Thank you for checking in, can’t tell you how much I value my (our) wordpress community.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend, here is Sorrow ~

Sorrow #12

Sorrow #12

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Secret Den, oil pastel

This past weekend we worked in the yard for nearly the entire time continuing Spring cleanup and then fun part, planting lots perennials (for our enjoyment or the neighborhood rabbit, only time will tell lol) that left no time to paint.

Secret Den, my latest oil pastel (9×11) was painted on Mi-Teintes cream tinted pastel paper, love this as a surface.  A combination of several photographs were used for the trees, but my imagination took over in developing the sky, path and foreground field.  It was a neat piece to paint and conjured up several other scenes that I’ll probably do in the future.

Thanks for checking in  .  .  .

Secret Den

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Thursday’s Drawing – Sorrow #11

It is amazing how fast a week goes by; Thursday is here and it’s time for my 1/2 hour of drawing.

Something has bothered me about the lower right-back side of the fabric, the folds just didn’t seem to lay naturally – so I went in and took out a few lines and added some others and it reads better now.  Also started to work on her sleeve, the bunched folds of fabric at her knee, and deepened the creases and dark crevices of the fabric top over the skirt area.  It might not look like too much work was done, but that’s because a lot of time was spent working the values to give more dimension and depth to the fabric.

Sorrow has a deeper meaning for me, which I’ll reveal with a later post.  Next week her sleeve and the fabric collar will be drawn, but oh I’m just noticing her knee and leg needs to be more defined (I’ll take care of that as well) the fabric is jutting out the left-side of the surface and should be formed in a more downward fashion.  Thanks for checking in ~

Sorrow #11

Sorrow #11

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Hay Field, oil pastel

A challenge on Wetcanvas for oil pastels was a field with hay bales.  I haven’t had an opportunity to paint hay before, so I figured why not give it a try.

This oil pastel (9×12) was painted on Mi-Teintes pastel paper that was tinted Cad. Yellow, which looked more like a bright orange.  My plan was to give the scene a warm atmosphere so the paper peeked through in various places lending to the warmer scene that I was looking for.  The foreground grasses were scraped down several times with a straight edge razor to get more texture.  Mid-range Magenta, purple and cobalt were used to break up the green, but if I had more guts I would have really gone wild with more evidence of the color – for now they are more subtle than anything else.  The photograph doesn’t show the deeper oranges and burnt sienna’s – hopefully you get the idea.

It was an interesting scene to paint.  Thanks for looking ~

Hay Field

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Lost Path, oil pastel

This oil pastel started out as a study on a scrap of Mi-Teintes gray tinted pastel paper  (7.25 x 4.75, odd size) for colors because I intended the actual painting to be a larger piece (11×14).  The scene went through multiple variations  with maybe seven layers of OPs and about four scrape downs (various intensities and directions of a razor to build grass textures).

The background of the scene was to be drenched in fog, but as usual the painting had ideas of its own and started leading the way with brighter colors and a lost horizon.  What are you going to do, so I went along for the ride and Lost Path came to life.

I’m not sure how I’ll treat this piece, study or finished, the size is odd enough for sure but the bones of the piece good enough that it could stand on its own as a larger painting.

Lost Path

A reference image from Viacheslav, an incredible photographer from pmp in Russia, was used as inspiration for the painting.

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Thursdays Drawing, Sorrow #10

I’m feeling guilty by my deadline, but really should have had this drawing updated yesterday.  Only thing I can say is other pressing items came ahead of the 1/2 hour I put into drawing each week.

Today I concentrated on the back of the statue working the multiple folds, light and shadows, but you’ll also notice that the patina from weather and age is starting to take shape.  This drawing is being done on Strathmore Bristol Vellum drawing paper, using General graphite pencils 4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B and 3B.

Sorrow #10

Sorrow #10

Today I had problems with my blog, kept getting a Certificate Warning Message when I clicked on “Recent Posts” located on the right-hand side of the blog, no matter what recent post I clicked on.  After three hours and working with WordPress it has been resolved.  No reason this happened except that the permalink was correct on my dashboard, but incorrect on the real link when clicking onto it from the blog.  It is fixed and working just fine now, very sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for checking in ~ Mary

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First Light, oil pastel

One day I saw a spectacular photograph taken by Mitch Zeissler, whose blog Exploratorius provides us with amazing images taken through his lens.  This day Mitch posted a most gorgeous scene he shot on his commute to work  Could you imagine passing by natures best each day?  I asked Mitch if I could use his photograph as a reference for a landscape painting, he graciously said yes.  Thank you Mitch I truly enjoyed painting this scene.

As my first landscape of the season, here is my interpretation of his awesome shot.  This oil pastel (14×11) was painted on a gessoed prepared hardboard with a medium flat gray acrylic underpainting, which provided a beautiful grayish hue undertone to the painting.  We have finally experienced warmer temperatures, and that made for very slippery oil pastels – I felt like I was learning to paint all over again.  There are little specs of bright orange highlights in the tall grasses, but unfortunately I couldn’t capture them with my camera after an hour of trying I gave up (it’s Thursday and I need to start drawing)!

I hope you enjoy the painting, it was a wonderful change of pace for me.  BTW, Mitch who lives in around the DC area has provided us with some gorgeous cherry blossom photographs, they are just peaking – check it out!

First Light

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I Feel So Painted!


You never know where or when connections are made – WordPress has made this connection possible. A wonderful artist friend of mine, Ugo, saw a post I did a long while on this talented artist and asked her if he could paint her. Well one thing led to another – see the painting, but also I invite you to listen to her song. Shy Gemini, Rae, is a talented vocal artist with an incredible voice who also writes her own music. You’ll understand when you hear her. Enjoy the painting!

Originally posted on Shy Gemini:

Thank you to Ugo Paradiso , a talented (and super friendly) artist who made this kicking’ painting of my image:
Ugo's painting

I love the owl!  So cute!

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Reach, oil pastel

Here is my third and last painting of purple flowers, called Reach.  It is part of a series that I wanted to finish before I began painting my favorite subject, landscapes – for the next several months (ha, I can’t wait)!

Reach, an oil pastel (12×9) was painted on Mi-Teintes cream tinted pastel paper, using mainly Senneliers, Holbeins and Mungyo-Gallery.  My intention was to have the background a bit more medium-to-light gray but once I got going it seemed that the green-yellow hues were fitting the piece better, making the painting more light-hearted.

Hope you enjoy, have a wonderful evening ~


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Thursdays Drawing, Sorrow #9

The clock is ticking today to work on Thursday’s Drawing, that and we have a storm bearing down on us – always scary so I need to move along.

Didn’t get  as much done as I wanted too on Sorrow, but I was able to at least keep the 1/2 hour planned.  Today’s work continued on the back of the statue, as the folds of fabric close in around her body.  I hold myself back, because I would love to just have at it with a lower-valued graphite pencil, but it’s best I stay disciplined and stick with the game plan of slowly developing the fabric because it’s the majority of the subject and there would be no excuse for sloppy work.  Most of the patina will be developed as part of finishing touches on the drawing.  Sorrow drawn on Starthmore Bristol Vellum paper with 4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B and a bit of 3B.

Have a wonderful weekend, thank you for checking in .  .  .

Sorrow #9

Sorrow #9


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