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Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil, by J.D. Hillberry – a book review

I haven’t done a book review in a while and thought that some might enjoy one of my favorite drawing books. Several years ago artist, J.D. Hillberry had a booth at Fort Worth’s annual art festival.  I couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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Capturing Radiant Light & Color in oils and soft pastels, by Susan Sarback – a book review

Do you ever have a project that you just aren’t connecting with?  I’m feeling this with a new painting that I’ve been working on for the past several days, it’s just not working for me, so what better time than to do … Continue reading

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Color Choices – Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory, by Stephen Quiller – a book review

It’s been a while since my last book review and Color Choices by Stephen Quiller is not one to be overlooked – highly rated on Amazon that I found during one of my research journeys has become a great resource on color. Mr. Quiller, … Continue reading

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Pastel School, A Practical Guide to Painting and Drawing with Pastels – a book review

This book, written by Hazel Harrison, is about painting with soft pastels but many of the concepts can be applied to oil pastels and other mediums because its main theme is painting concepts and techniques in general. A couple of … Continue reading

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Oil Pastel – Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artist, by Kenneth Leslie – book review

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of books on art instruction – not a lack of resources that’s for sure.  For oil pastels there are four books that I know of – one I’ve reviewed written by John Elliot, two I wouldn’t recommend, and … Continue reading

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Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing, by Margaret Livingstone – a book review

I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for when I decided to read this book, it was one tough read – felt like I was trying to sprint through mud.  Don’t get me wrong – it was a good read, packed with relevant … Continue reading

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Colored Pencil Painting Bible, by Alyona Nickelsen – a book review

Alyona Nickelsen is one awesome artist, her talents bedazzled me when I first saw her work.  She is best known for her realist colored pencil drawings that take on the look of paintings.  When I started drawing 2 1/2 years ago I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Simple Secret to Better Painting, by Greg Albert – a book review

This is an awesome book that changed the way I view each of my oil pastels before, during and after painting them.  There are many good books in the market today on composition, so I’m not disparaging any of them in the least.  I … Continue reading

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Color and Light, A Guide for the Realist Painter – a book review

James Gurney the author, is also an accomplished artist, teacher and creator of “Dinotopia.”  This book is one of my all time favorites!  I have several good books that concentrate on color, all are second to the quality and comprehensive … Continue reading

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Pastel Pointers by Richard McKinley, a book review

Artist Richard McKinley is a fabulous (soft-dust pastel artist.  When I came across a book he had written I knew it would be a source that had to be checked out.  What intrigued me was a note on the outside … Continue reading

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