Thursdays Drawing – Waiting #4

I’m rushing now, trying to meet the deadline of the day – plus our temps are at 101 and my flowers are screaming “water me.”  So without any fanfare,

Here is the latest addition of Waiting (12×9) drawn on Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper, using graphite #HB, B, 4B.  Work still to be done are the two main waves and Egret (have to remove the frisket, arggg – hope those areas survived).  I can’t tell you how much I love working on this scene – it is so darn relaxing and peaceful.  While I can’t be at the sea today, the drawing takes me there and let’s me linger at the oceans’ edge.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for checking in on Waiting.

Waiting, #4

Waiting, #4

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Oregon Sunset, oil pastel

There are about 30 hardboards waiting for me to sand and gesso before I can paint on them.  In the meantime I decided to try out a black tinted card stock paper that feels much drier than Mi-Teintes that I normally use for oil pastels –  it soaked up the OPs.

This oil pastel (11 x 8.5) is a sunset taken from one of Oregon’s beaches.  I was attracted to paint the scene because of the how the light from the sunset drenched cloud bank – served as a brilliant backdrop for the ocean setting.  Used mostly Sennelier and Neopastel oil pastels, as they handled the drier surface better than Holbeins.  I rarely paint scenes with sun rays because you can’t glaze the OPs over painted areas (unless it’s a dried underpainting) and when you spread the OPs for the rays it can create a bit of a muddy look.  Today though was for the pure fun of painting this scene.

Hope all your sunsets bring you joy ~ welcome to the Oregon Coast.

Oregon SunsetMy hands were a little shaky taking the photograph, so it’s not as crisp as I’d like – but you get the idea!

Reference image was from Dorothy Jensen from pmp, a fantastic artist and photographer.

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Poppy Field #2, oil pastel

As we remember World War I and the victims of this war, poppies are a symbolism for the many millions of souls that perished.  One of my earliest memories of this flower was when my Mother would receive a poppy from our local bank or grocery store on the day of remembrance and pin it on her dress – her way of acknowledging and remembering.

Here, my second version of a Poppy Field (#2), is a tribute and salute – this oil pastel (10×8) is of the same area that Poppy Field #1 was painted.  The painting was done on a gesso prepared artist canvas board, using mainly Holbeins, Senneliers and Neopastels brands.

Thank you for checking in  .  .  .

Poppy Field #2Reference image was from ESP of pmp.

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2nd Anniversary with WordPress!

Yesterday I celebrated my 2nd anniversary with WordPress!  How exciting was that – wonderful that WP sent out a notification, because I missed it entirely.

I want to thank everyone for visiting, following, liking and commenting – your visits have meant more to me than what I can adequately express.   For some of you my numbers might seem insignificant, but for me 69,400 views and 558 followers are an achievement for a blog that I wasn’t entirely sold on.

Today I would like to celebrate you and our unique community!  We have the privilege of meeting and communicating with people from all walks of life – there is a lot that separates us from the far corners of the world, to different languages, cultures, interests, politics and individualism.  Yet this simple place we call “blog” has brought us together and fostered many special relationships.  Yes we are a lucky bunch out there.

Thank you for encouraging and supporting my little corner of creativity, I’m humbled to think that what I do is enough for many of you stop what you’re doing and visit.

To WordPress and all the special folks behind the scenes, thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Mary

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Thursday’s Drawing – Waiting #3

I couldn’t wait for this Thursday to arrive so I could go back to work on Waiting .  .  .  it was time well spent as the seascape continues to be developed.

The drawing, using only graphite pencil (#2H, #HB, #B), started to take on a new look as the base for the entire body of water was completed and the foreground rock was started.  The middle-ground waves were refined some and the foreground water was filled in, so much more has to be done to give the water its character, but I have to hold back so I can complete the foreground rock – the darks of these rocks are going to set the stage for the rest of the wave shadows and depth.  I didn’t forget about the incoming wave and sea-foam, they’ll be worked on after the rocks and immediate sea-foam trails.  And finally the star of the show, Mr. Egret will be the last and most important focal point to be drawn in.

Do you feel your art while you’re creating?  I do and today was no exception as the waves were being developed, I could definitely feel the movement.

Here’s Waiting (9×12 on Strathmore Bristol, Vellum) .  .  . thanks for checking in!

Waiting, #3

Waiting, #3


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Poppy Field, #1 – oil pastel

I have always wanted to paint a poppy field and have finally been able to settle down long enough to get a feel for how to paint poppies in a distance and a few stems up close.

Another first – Poppy Field, #1 is an oil pastel (8×10) painted on an artist canvas board that was prepared with clear gesso.  An underpainting done in watercolor was first completed to give me a feel for the different forms and colors.  Mostly used Senneliers, Holbeins and Neopastels.

Poppy Field #1

Reference image was from ESP a photographer with pmp.

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Dawn at Wester Ross, oil pastel

My latest painting, Dawn at Wester Ross, is a special place in Scotland that seems to keep calling me, because last September I painted “The Passage”, Wikipedia described “Bealach na Bà is a historic pass through the mountains of the Applecross peninsula, in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands—and the name of a famous twisting, single-track mountain road through the pass and mountains.”  This time I painted mountains in the same region as the sun rose drenching the landscape with golden tones.

Dawn at Wester Ross is an oil pastel (11×14) painted on gesso prepared hardboard.  I apply clear gesso for tooth – either with a brush for texture or a sponge roller for barely visible texture, but still providing good tooth.  I wanted to texture the foreground grasses and create a hazy atmosphere for the back mountains, so applying clear gesso with the brush worked perfectly.  The brands of oil pastels used were Holbeins, Mungyo-Gallery and Sennelier.

Wester Ross is a special place that continues to fascinate many who travel its pathways and beautiful landscape.  Hope you enjoy a view of an early morning in Scotland, Dawn at Wester Ross.


Dawn at Wester Ross


Reference image used was taken by Paul Ackmaley a photographer with pmp.

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I’m so frustrated . . . such a waste of time

I hope you don’t mind, but this post is a bit of complaining and excuse on my part  for perhaps a lack of communication .   .   .   at the end of May I was out of touch for about 10 days, traveling and visiting family, with no technology to stay on top of my blog and reader generated posts of blogs that I follow.

Upon my return I noticed that several blogs that I follow were not loading into my Reader, I’ve tried to keep up on this and a simple un-follow and re-follow did the trick and your lovely blogs started flowing into my reader once again.

But, and here is where I’m totally frustrated, following over 300+ blogs obviously means that unless I go seeking certain blogs (because their posts are not loading into my reader) then I’m missing some of your posts.

This morning I discovered that I’ve missed posts from an artist and blogging friend, Z from Playamart for over a month – wordpress are you kidding me?! I’m so sorry Lisa.  If you have not had an opportunity to come across Z’s beautiful art and photography then you’re missing out on some incredible talent that comes to us from Ecuador.  Lisa is my inspiration for drawing and in fact, is the Blogger who got many of us started with “Time out for Art,” Thursday’s 1/2 hour of drawing.  Without Lisa’s support and encouragement I don’t think I would have picked my pencil back up.  Please say hello to Z – she would love to see or meet you.

If you haven’t been receiving “likes” or “comments” from me over the last six weeks, please let me know.  I’ll un-follow and re-follow to re-set my reader.

Thanks my friends and now I’m headed to the studio to finish a painting and shake my head of technology frustrations.


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Thursday’s Drawing – Waiting, #2

Drawing the sea is turning out to be a good experience, thoroughly enjoying the process.  I’m a bit preoccupied these days and find this particular drawing a form of relaxation.

Today my time was spent drawing the middle-water, developing the flow of the water and the water building up and coming off the waves using graphite #2H and #HB.  The interesting part of developing the tiny wavelets/ripples (too much in the middle section that will be fixed) in some areas is like drawing rocks such as the scene I did two drawing projects ago called, Water Veil.  It’s all about establishing correct value ranges – love it.  The water is by no means done, a lot has to be completed to develop the proper flow and depth with value ranges.  Silly as it sounds I can feel the pull of the water as it’s being worked on.

Next week the horizon line will be fixed, the middle-ground water / foreground water and flat slab of rock drawn in, and if time permits work more on values so the waves and lines within this drawing connect and are cohesive – in other word make sense to the viewer.  Notice the frisket?  It’s still on keeping the large wave/sea-foam areas clean while the rest of the water is being worked on.  Once removed those two large waves coming into the shore will be drawn and then finally I’ll tackle the “waiting” Egret.

Waiting is being drawn on 9×8 Strathmore Bristol – Vellum paper.   Thank you for checking in ~

Waiting, #2

Waiting, #2

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Golden Hillside, oil pastel

After a weekend of working in the gardens and painting outdoor furniture I got a new perspective of a painting that I was struggling with last week and finished it this morning.

Golden Hillside, an oil pastel (11×14) was painted on a gesso prepared hardboard using mainly Holbeins, Neopastels and Sennelier oil pastels – most blending was done with my fingers and foam insulation.   An acrylic underpainting was done first, I think the values of the colors choosen fro the UP were too high and my gut tells me that was probably what gave me so much angst in working in the sunset colors with the OPs.  My goal with this piece was to capture golden colors hitting the hillside just as the sun was setting.

Hope you enjoy your sunsets, they are a time to treasure ~

Golden Hillside

A reference image from Leona Fraser of pmp was used for inspiration.


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