I’d Rather Be In the Studio, book review

I’d Rather Be In the Studio, by Alyson B. Stanfield www.idratherbeinthestudio.com

If you’re an artist, than this book is for you.  Alyson, a marketing – business consultant, has written a book that gets down to business right from the first page.  She knows her subject and comes to the table with an extensive background in the art industry, ranging from museum curator to museum educator, and is an art collector herself.

I came across this book while reading another blog.  Based on reviews I immediately recognized that her advice was probably what I was looking for with the business side of my studio, as well as marketing.  The book is much more than what I expected in a word, excellent!

Alyson is definitely a straight talker, with practical advice.  It feels as though someone is standing over your shoulder making sure you succeed in moving ahead.  I’m half-way through the book and can already see the positive changes made to my business with only a few of her suggestions.   In the short time since I’ve had the book several of her suggestions were implemented, for instance:  a routine was developed for my studio to run under, created a complete electronic database for my entire art portfolio, developed spreadsheets to lessen paper handling, and stepped into social networking.  There are more suggestions that I’ve identified to look into, the basic message here is that this book will be a mainstay resource going forward for my business and I’m sure to the many other artists who have read it as well.

Alyson is the reason my blog got started, that’s why she gets the first review shout out.   Thank you Alyson!

Have you read this book, or another that influenced how you market and manage your business?

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