Artists Who Inspire

Why is it that people who create from a blank surface inspire me? 

It doesn’t matter whether they draw, paint, write, sculpt, photograph, or use mix media.  Whatever their form of medium is these people, respectfully called Artists, inspire me.

No matter their experience, whether measured in years or newly born, Artists create.  The ability to see beyond “nothingness” and channel their thoughts and feelings into a flush of creative energy, that’s “awe-inspiring.”

The public doesn’t see the process at work:  the image, creativity, discovery, the hours (tic-toc), frustration, excitement, loneliness, the disappointment, the questions, the blood-sweat-tears, the “ah, that’s it”!  Artists inspire me.

The Artist takes that step, the one when they put their “Art” out for everyone to see, and then they wait.  The Artist knows the wait . . . .  the Artist knows the process.  The Artist knows the wait.  Artists inspire me.

It’s not the what, but the “whom” that inspires.  Artists inspire me

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6 Responses to Artists Who Inspire

  1. Thanks to Marianne, I have enjoyed a wake-up stroll through your posts. I enjoyed every one, and look forward to reading more!
    Z from Ecuador

  2. This post made me want to get a brush and start painting. hehe

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