Ashmore Park – A Great Find for a Painting Series

Have you ever come across an outdoor scene that made you think, this is awesome?  Landscape artists are always on the lookout for these special places.  This past Spring, my husband and I took a drive and came across a scene like this that was no less than 1.5 miles from our house; we had no idea it existed.  But I knew when I saw the Park it had all the elements for a great painting:  fantastic light and shadows, fresh Spring greens with the trees and grass, beautiful river and rocks, and best of all pathways and a bridge.  This place, Ashmore Park, had it all!

I wanted to reveal the Park to viewers in sections, so I painted it as a three-piece series (sizes are 7×5, 8×10 and 11×14).  The first two paintings are of the river bank which had all these neat little nature elements, and the third piece gives the viewer the entire Park scene that included the river and bridge.

First 5 x 7:  Ashmore Park – close up view of the river bank.

Ashmore Park #1

Ashmore Park






Second 8 x 10:  The River Bank @ Ashmore Park

The River Bank Ashmore Park

The River Bank @ Ashmore Park






Third 11 x 14:  The River View @ Ashmore Park

The River View @ Ashmore Park

The River View @ Ashmore Park






I hope you enjoyed this Series, it was a very special find ~ Mary

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21 Responses to Ashmore Park – A Great Find for a Painting Series

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  3. I love your paintings, so beautifully done.

  4. Hi! 🙂
    I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Congratulations!

    Arlen Shahverdyan

  5. mamiesmith says:

    These are gorgeous! They remind me a lot of Monet’s Water Lilies.

  6. Healthy A-Z says:

    Mary, these are astounding!! I agree with Patricia’s thoughts. I think you are more ready to sell than you realize. 😉

  7. These are gorgeous! I truly love them. 🙂

  8. Mary, these are amazing! You captured the light beautifully. The close ups are filled with details and colors, but it was a great idea to also paint the entire view. It is indeed a heavenly place to be. Incredible that this place was so close to your home and you just discover it. You are very talented. In case you decide to start selling your art… check out Etsy. It would be a great place to begin building fans and buyers. All the best!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Patricia: Thank you for your review and feedback! I seriously had a lot of fun painting this series, there were many things that are my favorite to paint. The Park was tucked back behind a neighborhood, and wasn’t in a place that we would normally drive through. Thanks for the tip on Etsy, I’m not quite at the stage to sell my work, but I really appreciate your encouragement! Thanks ~ Mary

  9. Petronette says:

    They are all three wonderful paintings.
    I love the one with the bridge, it looks like if I am standing in the park !

  10. They are wonderful! I’m just…. wow 😀 Amazing!

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