Mt. Camel Beach, AUS

It’s been busy around here lately so posting to my blog was set aside for a few days.  I’m finally caught up and looking forward to browsing everyone’s blog posts.  I have a great book that I’ll be reviewing in the next day or so, but until then here is my latest painting.

Mt. Camel Beach is near a friend of mine in Australia who took a great photograph that I was able to use for my most recent oil pastel.  If anyone is familiar with this beach, just know that I flipped the image so the sea cliffs are on the right-side of the painting.  The photograph was shot on a gray day so I created some atmospheric magic with my OPs.

This painting is larger than normal for me, 16 x 20, but I have to say the lighting was a lot of fun to work with.

I hope you enjoy and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks and have a great evening or day depending on when you read this post!  Mary

Mt Camel Beach, AUS

Mt Camel Beach, AUS

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7 Responses to Mt. Camel Beach, AUS

  1. very nice and soothing. well done! z

  2. exiledprospero says:

    A serene scene amplified by the subtle use of pelagic birds (how free they are!). One can taste the salt on one’s lips.

  3. Hi Mary, this is a wonderful painting. The light is great and I can see the water reflecting it. Great job!

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