Autumn Pathway

Don’t you love finding quiet pathways where you can wander about and enjoy some down time, especially during the Autumn months.  As if on cue, Mother Nature gives us a gift every Fall sprinkling magical colors here and there making nature walks all the more special.

I found such a place that I fell immediately in love with that made for a perfect oil pastel painting.  Photographer Roy Simmons, of pmp, took a fantastic shot of a pathway that I used as a reference image.  I hope you enjoy my latest ~ Mary

Autumn Pathway

Autumn Pathway


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17 Responses to Autumn Pathway

  1. meiro says:

    Beautiful….as always my friend.


  2. stunning! I love the color, especially the oranges.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Linda: thank you so much for your comments. I was a bit timid w/the burnt sienna and oranges and then decided to just go with it. Thank you – appreciate hearing from you. Mary

  3. exiledprospero says:

    Sentinels, dressed in ruddy robes and chryselephantine scarves, guard the pathway of this enchanting autumn day.

  4. Wow, to have such talent! These paintings are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful, love the colors, light and shade… very well done!

  6. It is a magical place. I’m floored the way you are able to wield an oil pastel.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Elena, thank you for the kind compliment. It’s a fun medium to work with once you get used to it – artist soft oil pastels are much easier to work with (Senneliers, Holbiens and Neopastels the best). Thanks again! Mary

  7. Mary, it’s absolutely wonderful!!! I LOVE it!!

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