Winter at the Moors

The backdrop for this winter scene was one of a cold gray day at an English Moor just as the sun was setting.

The photographer (Elaine Cross of pmp) was walking the Moors with a friend having a great time taking some stunning photographs as the sun was setting.  Great that is, until darkness started to cover the area and they began to lose their way.   Spending the night in the marsh probably wasn’t something they planned on doing.  The friend was anxious to hurry on home, but photographer that Elaine is, wanted to just keep on snapping pictures.  Well guess who won?  The friend might have gotten them out of there, but Elaine caught some fantastic images that I couldn’t resist painting.

Called, Winter at the Moors, you’re seeing my first ever snow painting (oil pastels).

Winter at the Moors

Winter at the Moors

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19 Responses to Winter at the Moors

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  2. So soft, breathy and beautiful marvelous Mary!

    • Mary says:

      Oh Vicki that is such a compliment coming from you. You’re a master painting snow scenes and I really appreciate your feedback! Thanks so much ~ Mary

  3. exiledprospero says:

    The snow, in gentle repose, covers the earth in exigent despair.

  4. Ardun Ward says:

    Amazing Mary! How long do they take you to complete? You have so many wonderful pieces.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Ardun, thank you – appreciate your comment. This one took about 5 hours ~ because I had to get a feel for painting snow. I likened it to painting sea foam on waves and piling up along the shore and the “ah – ha’s” went off. This piece is only 5×7 as a study.

      Thanks for asking and your wonderful compliment! Mary

  5. Wonderful mood and expression!

  6. Mary, this painting makes me shiver! Well done.

  7. Amazingly beautiful, soft shades and light, you captured it perfectly.

  8. Healthy A-Z says:

    Quite a story to go with this beautiful painting. I’m glad you shared it. There’s nothing like that in South Florida.

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