I WISH YOU ENOUGH..  Meiro, an incredible fellow blogger recently posted about a scene that she witnessed at an airport and became a part of.  Meiro wrote about the encounter and her writing touched my soul as she moved this woman’s story forward.

My hope is you’ll spend a few minutes reading Meiro’s post, it has significant meaning as we consider those special people we hold dear in our lives.

To everyone who has joined me on my journey of painting and blogging, “I wish you enough . . . ”



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4 Responses to I WISH YOU ENOUGH.

  1. exiledprospero says:

    Mary, I thought of this poem by Arseny Tarkovsky. On the face of it, it seems like the antithesis of “I Wish You Enough.” But both poems are about longing. It’s just that they are expressed in a different way; they see some of the same thing but from a diametrically opposed vantage. A wish is a longing, and so is the phrase “it isn’t enough.” I wish you enough is uttered because it isn’t enough–and isn’t that one of our greatest fears (and the source of many of our tears)?

    The poem is read by the author in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, a film that stretches the viewer’s powers of reasoning to the limit of comprehension.

    but it isn’t enough

    Now the summer has passed.
    It might never have been.
    It is warm in the sun,
    But it isn’t enough.

    All that might’ve occurred
    Like a five-fingered leaf
    Fluttered into my hands,
    But it isn’t enough.

    Neither evil nor good
    Has yet vanished in vain,
    It all burned and was light,
    But it isn’t enough.

    Life has been as a shield,
    And has offered protection.
    I have been most fortunate,
    But it isn’t enough.

    The leaves were not burned.
    The boughs were not broken,
    The day clear as glass,
    But it isn’t enough.

    • Mary says:

      How interesting and I agree with your thoughts, the phrase is what brings fears of longing for the best of what we can’t bring upon each other. Could it be the internal and mental anticipation of ultimately reaching what we seek for ourselves and others – the longing, that is so profound we know, but yet we never quite achieve what “it” is?

      But, maybe it is enough ~

  2. meiro says:

    Thank you so much Mary…., I am honored

    With love,

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