Shine on Award

First I would like to thank



who nominated me for the Shine On award. *


Thank you so  much Mei I am really honored.  To share the joy … I would like to nominate:



– Mary –

About Mary

Oil Pastelist
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29 Responses to Shine on Award

  1. you have had a string of awards – whew! it’s work pulling those posts together! sorry i’ve been behind on reading posts. i’m home for a short while so am happy to be catching up!

    for some reason i’m wanting some pasta with tomatoes and basil.. maybe because you’ve mentioned that – and rosemary! in your different award posts!

    • Mary says:

      Oh thanks so much. It is a bit of work and I have two more in the wings – it’s a necessary thing to do in the beginning. Yes, just had the pasta sauce last evening, I’m a sauce junkie!

      I’ll bet you’re glad you are home – hope you have time to relax and unwind January was tough on you. Take care, Mary

  2. This is quite belated, but thanks so much! Z

  3. lovinchelle says:

    congratulations on your award and i would like to inform you that i hane nominated you for the liebster award click on my blog for the rules and questions

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much, a real pleasant surprise and much appreciated. I’ll be sure to get over to your blog and start to work on the rules. It may take a few days to complete, but again thank you!

  4. exiledprospero says:

    Mary, you are such a dear to want to bestow me with another award. But in truth, I’m not big on awards. My true reward is that you, and others (always a possibility!), find my blog to be an oasis of sorts (an oasis of big words and little dogs–and the occasional wilted flower, I think). And thank you for always looking out for me…

    • Mary says:

      They call it awards, but in reality it’s a way to introduce bloggers to each other. Most often it takes a bit of time working through the requirements, but this simple “nod” was the least I could do to help Ariel continue her debut to the world!

      • exiledprospero says:

        …but in reality it’s a way to introduce bloggers to each other.

        I know Mary, and I love you for it! It must be the Marlon Brando streak in me that makes me shun awards, but don’t let my unfounded prejudice against awards stop you from seeing them as the useful tool that they are.

        And speaking of Ariel, she’ll again be the star of my next film (and I hope she won’t have the temerity to refuse an Oscar for her extraordinary performance in The Wool Affair, when it is, almost certainly, offered to her)!

        • Mary says:

          You’re so funny! Ah Ariel the star – yes I would imagine that Oscar will be visiting her doorstep. Looking forward to seeing the little one at her best!

  5. Marianne says:

    Mary, congratulation and thank you so much for nominating my blog! I feel very honored! //Marianne

  6. Congratulations and thanks so much for the nomination!! It’s an honour, Mary!!! 😀

  7. Cat Forsley says:

    That’s beautifulllllll 🙂 Congrats 😉 🙂 and thank You for thinking of me 🙂 Humbled xxxxx
    i am in music land xxx but i will definitely write it up soon xoxoxoox C

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  9. Healthy A-Z says:

    Congratulations, Mary!! Keep Shining…

  10. Thank you so much for this nomination!
    I am honored. I looked for the rules but it seems there are none besides the nomination of others, right?
    Thanks again, I appreciate 🙂

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