Follow-up to Prior Post, Update on my Latest Posts

I’m begging your indulgence here as I work with WordPress Staff to determine what is happening to my posts.  Thank you to all that liked and commented on my recent posts.  Here is the update:

  • My posts are going into spam again, so if you could check your spam under Blog Admin and see if any of my posts reside there (several followers indicated my latest painting notice/post went into spam).
  • My posts are not going into my Follower’s Readers, if you find that you haven’t received recent posts of mine – unfollow my blog and then follow again.  This will reset your Reader.  I’ve had to unfollow my own blog and have reset it because I wasn’t receiving new posts of mine in my Reader.
  • I’m not receiving Notifications of likes, comments, or new followers when I log into WordPress.  Was corrected when I unfollowed and followed my blog, at least we think it’s corrected.

The reason for this post.  If you wouldn’t mind again, please like or comment when you read this post so WordPress Staff and myself can monitor if we’ve corrected the situation. 

Some of the information might help you manage some aspects on your blog as well.  I really appreciate you all my followers and your last responses were really helpful.  Thanks, Mary

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13 Responses to Follow-up to Prior Post, Update on my Latest Posts

  1. elisaruland says:

    I received your last two posts!!

  2. Linked to your post from the comment you left on my blog. Hope you’ve got things worked out.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Emily, finally – if you can believe it. Over time I keep learning about the sensitivities of wordpress blogs – which on the bright side is a good thing.

  3. Petronette says:


    I receive a message in my inbox from your new post.
    (It was not in my spam.)

  4. Ogee says:

    Post received. 🙂

  5. patisaac says:

    I am not havong a problem with your posts, Mary.

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