14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Are you into classical music?  Well the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is ON!  Preliminary competition is over and the field narrowed from 130 applicants, 30 selected to now only 12 semifinalists remain – it’s the long-awaited competition with anticipated excitement that has reached a fever pitch.

This the only world-wide classical piano competition to come around once every four years, long considered a Pianists Olympics – they are trained athletes of classical music, where the best of the best come together to compete for the most coveted, prestigious, sought-after award.  This award is what dreams are made of and winners will tell you is life-altering.  Among a $ award, the winner receives a three-year management contract that includes a tightly coordinated calendar stacked with appointments playing with symphonies world-wide.

The Cliburn is the only piano competition left where the applicants (130 this year) are judged live.  Judges fly into the city where the applicant is located so they can evaluate the pianists in person, no video’s or tapes (to easy to alter) for this competition.  This year the applicants hailed from several countries (US, Russia, France, Italy, China, Japan, Ukraine, etc.).  The field is narrowed to 30 competitors who are invited to compete in Fort Worth, TX.

The Pianists live with families located in Fort Worth and for a couple of weeks, life-long relationships build as they become a member of their host family.  Grand pianos’ are moved into these homes for the Pianists to practice and the quest for story-book endings begin.

It’s an exciting time!  If you are interested in the competition, learn about these incredibly talented contestants or watch the competition live on the internet the following links are available:

  • Online:  star-telegram.com/cliburn
  • Twitter:  @STfeatures, #cliburn2013
  • Facebook:  facebook.com/fwstar
  • Instagram:  @startelegram

It’s the first competition without Van Cliburn, as sad as this time is, the board and management team of the competition have worked hard to honor Mr. Cliburn and produce the competition with the quality that people world-wide have come to expect.

For all the bad in the world, this is one of those beautiful moments that only comes around once every four years.  Hope you have time to stop in and enjoy!  These artists inspire ~

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5 Responses to 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

  1. artscottnet says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! 😛 You’re right, with all the bad, is a shame mainstream media doesn’t focus on things like this. I cannot help but think of the enormous stress these artists must be enduring, and with only 30 being selected, the heartache of all those who are not. I can imagine that people do not get to these skill levels without having developed pretty thick skin, and they recognize, at some level, that they haven’t ‘failed’, but, we are all human, and I feel for them, because failure will undoubtedly be ringing somewhere in their minds. What a journey for those who will travel and perform with symphonies all over… that would be grand beyond any monetary reward, I’d think… Wonderful info, Mary, thank you for the links.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Scott. I read this morning that they are making a documentary for this years’ Cliburn competition. The producer, one of the best out of Hollywood, wanted to do this documentary because he felt that these rare and incredible artists, like these pianists, are getting lost in our society today – people would rather listen to Katy Perry, Bieber, etc. rather than someone who has devoted their life to learning the technical and emotional skill required to play 100 to 200 year old music. I agree with him – glad you enjoy the link. Just think, you can hear the competition live on the internet – people in their home countries are incredibly tuned into the competition.

  2. prewitt1970 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! you are a special and wonderfully talented woman and I wish you the best day ever!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Oh man, bless your heart Benjamin. Thank you so much, kindred spirit – back at you!!! I hope you have the most wonderful birthday, master of the arts!

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