Thursday Drawing, Gentle Compassion #2 Update

Forty-five minutes into my drawing and I realized I missed my 30 minute deadline – I could have kept right on going.

Because most of the page is light w/slight markings of a sketch I only took a photo of that part of the horse that I worked on.  Tools used were:  graphite pencils #4H, #2H, HB, #2B and #4B; and paper tortillium for blending.  I find that paper tortillium gives a rougher finish when blending and that’s basically what I’m looking for with a short-haired horse.  If I want to have really fine deep finish I can expect to do probably 3 or 4 applications of the process (apply pencil, blend, apply pencil, blend, etc.) to the entire subject – not sure, maybe will only do 2 applications on this first drawing to get a feel back for handling graphite.

Enough with excuses for where my drawing stands . . . here is the updated Gentle Compassion!

Gentle Compassion #2

Gentle Compassion #2

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7 Responses to Thursday Drawing, Gentle Compassion #2 Update

  1. This is really coming together. Art knows no time. It will take the time it needs to be created.

  2. Petronette says:

    You are going great !
    You don’t have to excuse you, work the way you want !!!

  3. no excuses necessary, amiga! wow, it is looking wonderful! this is going to be a beautiful drawing! i chuckled when you mentioned that you invested 45 minutes before realizing you had overshot your deadline! that’s like when i burn what’s cooking – i’ll be painting/drawing/whatever and will smell something and they dash for the kitchen! time does seem to vaporize!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Lisa! You’re so funny, you know the feeling – I had that urge to dig in and keep drawing until it was done, but I had to stay true to my deadline tough putting the pencils down.

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