Cobalt Plate with Lemons, oil pastel

Continuing with Weekly Challenge for WetCanvas – this week the color was Cobalt, who can resist this color.

I experimented with this piece using black paper (Strathmore Papers, Artist 500 Series) – wow, does it change the look or what?!  I’m not a big fan of this paper, performs much differently than the hardboards I prepare myself.  I have a lot of this paper so I thought it would be a good to use up the supply I have left.  I’ve used black paper only one other time- the jury is still out for my taste.

I use Windows 8 photo gallery and InfranView to edit photographs I take of my paintings.  So I’m really sorry because the cream in this image is screaming white and my yellow ochre isn’t showing up on the peel – yikes!  I haven’t been able to figure out how to correct this, but I’m sure I’ll get there with more practice.  Perhaps when painting I may cut back how much I lay down of oil pastel creams and whites by 1/3, and that may help when taking photographs of the paintings.  Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be so appreciated.

This oil pastel is a 4×6 still life that I setup for this challenge.

Cobalt Plate with Lemons

Cobalt Plate with Lemons

I have just figured out with the help of many wonderful artist and photographer friends what the issue has been with my camera (I’ll be doing a post on this).  But for now, I have photographed the painting again and thank goodness this is much closer to what the original painting looks like.

Cobalt Plate with Lemons

Cobalt Plate with Lemons

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23 Responses to Cobalt Plate with Lemons, oil pastel

  1. Cat Forsley says:

    lemons are my favourite fruit …
    beautiful Mary xx

  2. I love your lemons Mary! The cobalt is sublime.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Elena – Senneliers oil pastels are very creamy and have a buttery feel to them. The cobalt blue went on silky smooth and I just loved painting with it.

  3. Like it Mary. Love the mauve/ blue in the right fruit

  4. violetski says:

    Love it Mary ! I love the colors of blue and yellow composition in your painting 😃❤so talented❤

    • Mary says:

      Hi Violet – thank you!! I really appreciate your comment, so nice. Wish you could see the painting in person – my photography skills are not very good and the white is way to bright on my image here. So your comment is really welcomed!

  5. I love this painting! For about the first three seconds, I thought it was a photo then, I saw your name and made the link to paintings…

  6. nutsfortreasure says:

    Very nice!

  7. There it is your painting of Lemons!!! Wonderful work Mary…You are so talented!!! 🙂

  8. artscottnet says:

    I really love how you handle the light on the plate and on the moist lemons. This is beautiful. I’ve read that using a 18% gray card can help your camera with color accuracy, but I know very little about it.

    • Mary says:

      You are very kind, thank you Scott. I’m going to check out the 18% gray card to see what that means and how it might help when taking photographs of my work. Thanks very much for your comment!

  9. i loved it before i saw it! long ago i hung some watercolor studies of lemons on a wall papered with wide bands of cobalt with a fine white pinstripe. i love your lemons and cobalt plate!

    • Mary says:

      You know how to make me feel better! I’ll bet your studies turned out gorgeous – they sound beautiful. This piece looks seriously better in person, so what I might do later on is a lemon study on prepared hardboard to see if the results are better than what I feel turned out here. The pastel paper, shows way too much texture and tends to take really bad photographs – giving the image a garish look to the creams/whites. I had to turn down the contrast so much that the painting lost some of its luster. Oh well one for the journal – what not to do! I’m real happy with the cobalt plate though, it has that rich look about it. I think I’m going to paint a seascape, need to make myself feel better.

      • last week found me in mindo with zero paints or paper. i had my brushes… i bought cheap little tubs of paint the size of 35mm film containers and bought even cheaper paper, the best i could find, and i did a few studies of butterflies.. like you, i was not happy with the results because i am accustomed to paper more suited to my needs. makes us appreciate the good materials when we have them!

        • Mary says:

          You are so right, materials make a huge difference. I have a lot of Ampersand Boards and prepared hardboards for my landscapes and seascapes, but made a conscious decision not to use these good resources on the weekly challenges.

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