Thursday Drawings, Gentle Compassion #6

With the holiday I didn’t think I would have time for drawing, but was able to sneak in my  30 minutes for Thursday Drawings and work on the horse.

Gentle Compassion (#6 update) is coming along.  I worked on the lower jaw today and some minor changes to the snout.  Next week I think I’m going to stick with the horse and begin adding in the second layer of graphite for shading.  Might as well stick to the horse and once completed I’ll move onto the arm and hand.  The background will be very dark, so I don’t want to work on that part until the end – because the horse has a very white portion of hair along the length of his head and I don’t want to disturb that area at all.

I’m starting to feel better about where this drawing is headed.

Gentle Compassion #6

Gentle Compassion #6

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17 Responses to Thursday Drawings, Gentle Compassion #6

  1. it is looking good! I can imagine how it feels! 😀 I feel like drawing now.. heehee

  2. Doris says:

    this is really good so much detail now you can see the nose and the hair real good, I was late I did take time off but posted mine today

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  4. This is amazing, Mary. Fascinating.
    I hope you’ll continue to share the process of this as you add layers to the horse and the human hand.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Marylin, thank you so much! Absolutely will continue to post – I think it will go a little faster now that I have the basis of the horse done. Appreciate your feedback!

  5. You should feel great about where this is heading! It’s so real and natural, I can almost feel the breath of the horse!

  6. dorannrule says:

    It’s exciting to see this painting gently emerge!

  7. Healthy A-Z says:

    And it just gets better and better!!

  8. artscottnet says:

    Coming along very nicely, looking forward to next week’s post!

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