Three Pears, oil pastel

Last week a painting challenge on Wetcanvas (online artist community) was based on the word, pear.  I’ve never painted a pear before so I thought why not!

This oil pastel is a 6×6 that was based off a reference image taken by photographer, Linda Bishop of pmp.  I fell in love with the photograph and knew immediately it would fit the profile of what I was looking to create.

I found out that pear shapes aren’t the easiest to paint, but I had fun learning about this particular fruit and mixing some really cool colors (my Mother would find it funny that I’m painting pears, growing up I hated them!).  Don’t laugh but the foreground pear looks a bit like a lumpy potato lol ~ I’m off to work on a seascape!

Three Pears

Three Pears

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36 Responses to Three Pears, oil pastel

  1. Petronette says:

    They look great !
    I am getting hunger in a pear. 😉

  2. Doris says:

    Glad you took the challenge, and this is your first try they look amazing! Great job!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Doris, thank you! I have another painting in mind, been wanting to paint eggplant for a while and now I think I’m going to give it a try – better figure out what to do with the vegetable afterward!! Anyway thank you, always appreciate your generous comments!

  3. violetski says:

    I really love your colors! Great work , Mary!

  4. Beautiful, Mary! I love the harmony in this painting, and I love pears too.. 🙂

  5. 3 beautiful pears in harmony together!!

  6. exiledprospero says:

    Very nice, Mary.

  7. elisaruland says:

    I’ve always been drawn to pear still lifes, and your is no exception. Very nice! I tried to paint a pear once…it wasn’t pretty. I don’t have the gift, but it was fun trying!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Elisa, thanks so much – such a wonderful compliment. I appreciate it and having fun was exactly what I was looking for, I didn’t expect too much from this piece. But surprising they are an interesting fruit to paint.

  8. You put a great rustic/vintage touch to this…lovely.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Laurie, thank you for catching that! I was looking for that look – you’ve a great eye! Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  9. mamiesmith says:

    These pears are so realistic; it’s a lovely painting.

  10. artscottnet says:

    This is a beautiful still life, Mary. I really love your example in trying new things. The pears are awesome, and I like the highlights. A brilliant piece.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Scott, thank you! It’s all leading up to painting flowers and fields of flowers that’s a goal of mine. For now I continue with seascapes, landscapes and now some still life’s. Thanks for your comments!

  11. doronart says:

    Mary, super touch as usual I like the composition you painted the three pears and the great end result.

  12. CindysArt says:

    Lovely Painting! I wish I could paint a still life! this is lovely 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Cindy – very much appreciated. This is my second and I realized, that my hesitation has all been in my head – I want to paint flowers and fields of flowers but I it’s a case of nerves and wasting materials (silly, right?). Thank you for commenting!

      • CindysArt says:

        Mary, you should see my trash can from just yesterday… I threw 5 paintings away… it seems like my muse is not with me at the moment, it used to bother me, but now, I just throw away and start over … 🙂

        • Mary says:

          But, here’s the deal – at least you are painting. If you paint everyday, you’ll learn something new each time and eventually it will begin to take hold in your work. Oh my, if you saw my initial pieces, LOL – so I really believe in research, practicing and painting. It will come for you. Thank you again, thank goodness for trash cans!

  13. love the colors and the atmosphere
    makes me hungry

    • Mary says:

      Hi Katleen, thank you! I love to look at pears, but can’t bring myself to eat one – can’t stand the stuff! So nice to hear from you, thank you very much!

  14. Francesca says:

    I think you did an excellent job. The painting looks great including the lumpy potato 😉

    • Mary says:

      Funny right? Francesca, thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m going to paint pears again and will do my best to make them a little less lumpy LOL! Appreciate it!!

  15. Healthy A-Z says:

    Looks like you have some WP friends that think you ARE gifted…Me, too! So, you’re outnumbered. Guess you’ll have to learn to accept this new identity of yourself. 😉

  16. So beautifully painted! Your colors are excellent Mary-the trickiest part of painting pears, I think. Wonderful textures and reflections as well.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much Elena. The colors were my favorite part – I loved working with Magenta, Indigo and Cerulean Blue, those three kind of broke-up all the yellows and greens. My challenge are shapes, and that seems to come naturally for you. Thanks so much – have a wonderful day!

  17. amazing.. you are so gifted!

    • Mary says:

      Z, you are so funny and nice! Thank you for your comment and compliment – I’m far from gifted, but I’ll take that today! I should probably lighten up on the lower value range on the foreground pear, would take away some of the lumpiness, but then on the other-hand the pears I just saw at the store some pretty awesome lumps LOL! Thank you and hope you have a great rest of your day my friend!

      • ahem, you ARE gifted.. very gifted – your soul comes through, and after i sent the comment i thought that i should have expanded on that…

        so there, senora gifted! accept your crown and wear it like the regal lady you are!!!!

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