Old Shutters, oil pastel

This week’s word challenge contained the word, rust.  I love painting rust, the color combinations are like magic.

For the challenge I did a 5×7 oil pastel study of old shutters found on a building in Greece.  Just image how many times these shutters were painted, oh the stories they could tell!

Sometimes you can find the most elegant subjects in old-long forgotten things, like old buildings and shutters.  Here is my interpretation of the color rust . . .

Old ShuttersReference image was taken by photographer and artist, Ruth Archer of pmp.

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26 Responses to Old Shutters, oil pastel

  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    I see the beauty in rust and all the different hues it takes on. When I heat metal to make jewelry with it is amazing what takes place. Wonderful work Mary!

  2. Simply lovely, Mary.. I too love the colour of rust – and you have captured those shutters nicely!

  3. Healthy A-Z says:

    I love those kind of shutters! You captured lots of character from the years passed.

  4. artscottnet says:


  5. Wow, painting rust is quite the challenge, but you’ve certainly managed Mary:)

  6. Beautiful, Mary! It looks vintage! 😀

  7. elisaruland says:

    You’ve captured the time-worn colors and character of these charming shutters, Mary. Beautiful.

  8. prewitt1970 says:

    I find the horizontal strokes captivating.

  9. They look lovely, Mary!!

  10. doronart says:

    I like doors and windows especially old and rusty that give them so much more charachter, which you made look good as always.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Doron for commenting and your wonderful compliment! I really do enjoy bringing texture to the surface with oil pastels – they are a great medium for that.

      • doronart says:

        I never tried this media maybe one day. Watching your art, you clearly doing some great work which is inspiring. You manage to bring the reality of each subject, I feel I can always touch or feel it, well done.

  11. before I even read your post, I said out loud this looks like Greece! happy dance…

    • Mary says:

      Hi Laurie – how funny, had to smile with your comment! You win the prize this week! Thank you for your great thoughts on this piece.

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