Tree Sketch, oil pastel

I continue to work on the three paintings for the competition:  # 1 is 95% done, # 2 is 65% done and will be working on it today so it should also be at 95% by the end of the day, and #3 is about 5% completed.  Boy do I have my work cut out for me, has been a good experience for me.

Anyways I apologize for not commenting on the posts in my reader, but will later this week when time opens.  In the meantime one of the words for this week oil pastel challenge on WetCanvas was, Pine Tree . . . here is my sketch of a pine tree.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week – the paintings are coming along and I’m starting to feel better about the progress.

Pine Tree, oil pastel

8/29/2013 Updated sketch – had to seat the tree and make the trunk more appropriate to the size of the tree.  Perhaps our work is never done?

Final Sketch of Pine Tree

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31 Responses to Tree Sketch, oil pastel

  1. marysue128 says:

    I absolutely love your tree! 🙂

  2. lesliepaints says:

    Cool pine tree, Mary!

  3. Healthy A-Z says:

    I came at the right time. I really love your updated version!

  4. Petronette says:

    Great drawing !

  5. violetski says:

    Can’t wait to see your painting , Mary!
    Love this cute pine tree❤❤❤❤

    • Mary says:

      Hi Violet, thanks! The paintings are coming along – week after next I’ll start to post. They are taking a while to do, but I’m finding that I can add lots more layers of paint the longer they sit. Oil pastels never dry so it’s a matter of how sticky the surface is. I’m enjoying this process, but it does take too much time. Also looking forward to when I have these done and I can concentrate on other paintings.

  6. Hi Mary! Can’t wait to see your new work. Lovely little tree:)

    • Mary says:

      Hi Elena, thank! Paintings are coming along – will be posting after next week. Still so much work to do on them, but I know I’ll get there. Thanks and looking forward to catching up with all your wonderful paintings. Take care,

  7. artscottnet says:

    Best wishes and happy happy painting, Mary. 100% is right around the corner and I have no doubt they’ll all be beautiful… like this tree!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Scott and thanks so much for your nice comment. The paintings are surely, but slowly getting there – didn’t get quite as far along as I had hoped yesterday, so today will be full steam ahead. Take care and look forward to reading your lovely posts.

  8. As I wonder how the other paintings look, I am enjoying the pine tree. It has so much depth. Great job! 😀

    • Mary says:

      Hi Patricia, my paintings are coming along – you can see they take me quite a while to do with oil pastels. My little tree doodle was fun, just something little to do during a break – thanks for your nice comment.

  9. Just perfect! Love it as always. You have a load of talent 🙂

  10. elisaruland says:

    Mary, how lucky you will be to have a trio of lovely accomplishments at the end of the day!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Elisa, oh man I’m now behind – yesterday didn’t go quite as planned with #2 painting and so today will have to make up for lost time. So this little tree doodle was just what was needed to break the mood of the day. Will be going back at it in just a bit – hope your well and will check on everyone’s blog posting real soon. Thanks again ~

  11. poppytump says:

    Oh this feels so playful Mary ! Your little pine tree has got personality … I imagine I can see it get up and shake its wispy branches when no one is looking 😉
    Lovely !

    • Mary says:

      Oh Poppy you make me laugh! Thanks for your great comments – this was a 15 minute quick sketch and was fun just doodling. You know that trunk is so skinny, if you gave it a good shaking it would probably break in two, lol – better go in and make the trunk thicker!

  12. sminkee64 says:

    Oh wow.. three paintings at one time!!!! You are so brave!!

  13. Lovely, captures the essence completely! I can smell it even.

  14. doronart says:

    Mary it is great to see you know the percentage scale.. which I yet to find in my painting as many times I don’t have a full plan. It looks good and I know you will achieve you 100% + very soon.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Doron, you are so kind. Thank you for your wonderful comment, much appreciated – the paintings will be completed next week for sure. I usually have a plan for my paintings, but doesn’t always mean it works – sometimes well after the fact that I think a piece is completed, I’ll see something that totally stands out that needs to be worked on. Maybe once I have 25 years of experience I’ll be that much closer to really figuring it out.

      • doronart says:

        Mary I feel that such sense none of us ever get as far as we go the more we expect… but it is easy for us to judge as outsider and I often see it in your work. I think planning is essential and often I prove it to myself…If only I was less lazy or less eager to straight use paints on canvass.. but maybe we get wiser as we get older like everything else we do… By the way I read some of your comments on other Blogs and it is pleasure to read the length and depth you explain thing and it is pleasure to have you as a friend here thanks.

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