Lily Pond Study, oil pastel

Don’t you love lily ponds?  I’m attracted to almost every one I see and for some time now I’ve wanted to try painting one.  So today I decided to give it a go with a quick 8×8 study done in oil pastels.

Working on pastel paper, isn’t the best for spreading oil pastels, I decided to use Senneliers (brand – creamy as butter) which worked out just fine.  There was a lot to learn about water reflections, the lily pads and flowers – from proper values to colors.  In the end the primary must do right with the piece, was getting the values correct and then making sure that I added lines for water ripples so the viewer could distinguish reflection vs. actual pad or flower.  The little flower petals were my challenge . . . small areas that need good detail and edges are something I need to work on in future paintings.

I’m sure I’ll try another, but for now here’s the study . . .

Lily Pond Study 

The reference image was from Norm Rossignol from pmp.

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46 Responses to Lily Pond Study, oil pastel

  1. Another gorgeous painting I would love to see on my wall. Your artwork is truly remarkable.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Emily, thank you so much! This was my first lily pond – I’ve wanted to paint one for a long time and finally gave it a shot. I really enjoyed developing this piece and have three or four more scenes ready to go.

  2. Petronette says:

    Beautiful painting !
    Love the reflection in the water, beautiful colors and the light in the water.

  3. mamiesmith says:

    Absolutely incredible!

  4. Love it! You’re so talented!

  5. ArtbyLinz says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  6. doronart says:

    Mary love them and you make them even better… super reflection and water also.

  7. It’s a fascinating process, Mary. Lily ponds are my favorites; when I was teaching I had three huge posters of Monet on the walls. Students found them both calming and inspiring, and this was in a literature class, not an art class!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Marylin, so cool! I can relate because Monet’s paintings do calm me and inspire me as well – I’ll bet his work had this effect on many world-wide. I have two great reference photographs that some day I want to try 1) looking at the back of Monet’s house from his gardens, and 2) the gardeners working in one of Monets’ gardens. Thanks for your great comment, really made my day as I make my way to the studio to begin working on my next painting – underpainting is done, just working up the energy to start on the sky. Thanks ~

  8. Maria says:

    It is so beautiful!! I think you managed to paint reflections perfectly!

  9. Well I think you nailed it! the leaves and the reflection are incredible.

  10. dorannrule says:

    Wow! That is a beauty for sure.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Dorann, I really appreciate it. There is something very peaceful about lily ponds and I have wanted to paint one for the longest time – glad I finally went for it. Thanks ~

  11. This study looks like a painting to me! 😀 Wonderful reflections and composition as well.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Patricia, there are parts of it that I wish I could do over but with OPs I can’t scrap all the OPs off down to a clean surface. I learned a lot with this piece though – thanks for mentioning the composition it’s what attracted me to the scene.

  12. artscottnet says:

    this is amazing, Mary… I love the reflections. Very beautiful work

  13. Jackie says:

    It came out beautiful! 😀

  14. Forest So Green says:

    I love the reflections and the little flowers. Beautiful, Annie

  15. Ogee says:

    Love this, Mary!

  16. Gorgeous, Mary! The reflections are marvelous as is the leaf reaching to the sky!

  17. nutsfortreasure says:

    Wow AMAZING!!!!!!

  18. Ah, beautiful, Mary! 🙂

  19. mpkarts says:


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