Thursdays Drawing, Water Veil #5

Can you believe it’s Thursday?  Whew time flew by . . . today’s is time out for drawing, here is the progress made on Water Veil.

This marks the 5th update – I’m itching to have a good workout with this piece, but I know it’s only a 1/2 hour every week.  Today the upper-left was continued to be drawn in.  I worked on an area that runs nearly the whole way across the drawing – it is the side of one large slab of rock.  I used graphite pencil #4H to keep this rock light because it will be in the background behind a veil of water that is spilling out of a rock from above (so not all the rock will be developed).  No tortilium is being used because I want a rough look to the rocks letting all imperfections (bumps, cracks and crevices) standout – I could spend hours just having a good old-time finding little patterns that the pencil has left.

I’m learning that the drawing is really all about developing the characters of the rocks in this scene, I can’t wait to get all the rocks drawn so that I go back and finalize the appearance of the rocks before work on the water fall takes place.  The veil of water is like the icing on the cake.

Thanks to Craig Johnson a fabulous photographer from pmp for use of the reference image.  Thanks for looking ~ below are two images (close-up and full drawing for perspective):

Water Veil #5 Close-Up

Water Veil #5 Close-Up

Water Veil #5

Water Veil #5




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16 Responses to Thursdays Drawing, Water Veil #5

  1. I like your site and thanks for sharing the info.

  2. Craig says:

    Greetings Mary – How fun it is to see you progress with this. I should think the the slow discipline of this will make for an epic result.

    • Mary says:

      Ah, you are too kind Craig! And, so nice to see you ~ thanks for joining in on the fun. The test for me will be in replicating falling water in this drawing. Your photograph is a great reference to use for this project.

  3. Every Thursday a little more intrigue;)

  4. artscottnet says:

    excellent progress, Mary

  5. Forest So Green says:

    I enjoy reading about your process, Annie

  6. yahooooooo! i am online and see this right before going to dinner!!!! will be at this hostal for the night, so you will hear from me again soon!!!!!!!

    so great to see this (and you!)


    • Mary says:

      Well now Z, I would say this was perfect timing – so great to see you too!!! Staying disciplined to your challenge three months ago. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your time in paradise!

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