Winter at the Moors II, oil pastel

Time to start painting a few winter scenes, I know feels like I’m rushing it doesn’t it?  I’m still finishing up some of my Fall landscapes, but I’m pulled to get started on a couple of winter scenes.

Today’s oil pastel (7×5) called Winter at the Moors, II.  Last year I painted my first snow scene, which was called Winter at the Moors – showing a snowy pathway heading up a hill at the UK – Moors  I’ve continued the scene with today’s painting showing the top of the hill looking out over the Moors at dusk as the sun was setting.  The blustery, cold scene where you can barely make out the distant landscape is what caught my attention – something mystery about it that I wanted to capture in OPs.

The reference image was taken by Elaine Cross, photographer at pmp – Elaine was on a winter hike through the Moors with her friend.  They lost their way just as the sun was setting, talk about eerie.  Her friend was none too pleased that Elaine kept stopping to take pictures, they managed to get out alright but imagine how nervous they were probably getting.

Hope you enjoy my toast to the beginning of Winter ~

Winter at the Moors II

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50 Responses to Winter at the Moors II, oil pastel

  1. Lovely! Cheers and wishes for a warm and wonderful winter.

  2. drawandshoot says:

    Mary, this is just gorgeous! I love that palette and the minimalism of it.

  3. Awesome! 🙂
    Buuut Winter… brrrr… not into Winter AT ALL 😀
    The weather is really weird here… it’s a very hot November. I tanned this afternoon! It’s always summer in my head. lol

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Cha – tanning because it’s hot in November (ha, you are lucky)! It was 76 yesterday here and today wind chill be feel like it’s 35 – that’s TX this time of year.

  4. The dusty blues are just magical in this painting…lends itself to a little mystical too.

  5. Every new piece is a new favorite. This is gorgeous:)

  6. poppytump says:

    Such beautiful light and atmosphere Mary … I’m on the brink … staring into your painting… I feel Winter creeping close ready to wrap round me ….

  7. So beautiful – you have captured that eerie, but intriguing glow in such an amazing way. Love it!

  8. dorannrule says:

    Brrrrrrrr! A cold but beautiful scene!

  9. timethief says:

    The colors are so subtle and this piece as well as the first one reminds me of many winter nights I spent on the shores of a northern lake.

  10. Stefano says:

    Beautiful, moody high key painting, Mary, with just a touch of subtle vignetting: very nicely done as always! 🙂

  11. I absolutely love this serene and peaceful scene. Although I’m not ready for winter, this makes me want to don my snow boots and take a walk in the countryside.

  12. I *love* it!! Great light and softness 🙂

  13. Sharon K. says:

    Just a magical piece, Mary. Soft, gentle light…..almost like a whisper.

  14. How beautiful, Mary, even if I don’t want winter right now up here…

  15. Forest So Green says:

    I really like the light, its perfect for winter, Annie

  16. Don says:

    I also find the light wonderful, Mary. Lovely painting.

  17. Leanne Cole says:

    I wish the toast was to the beginning of ours. Gorgeous painting Mary, I really like it. I love how muted the colours are, exactly as it would be.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks so much Leanne, I really appreciate your thoughts and comments on this painting. Muted colors sometimes is a real stretch for me, but it was what this scene was asking for.

  18. That’s a great toast to the beginning of Winter, Mary!! 🙂

  19. doronart says:

    Mary I like the light you put in this scene look great

  20. Craig says:

    This feels really cold!!!!

  21. Doris says:

    love it!

  22. Tranquil scene. Lovely Mary!

  23. This is just beautiful Mary.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much Tim! We don’t get snow too often down here in TX, so this was a special scene that reminded me of the marshes in Maine – I don’t miss the cold.

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