Thursday Drawings, Water Veil #12

Why do I love Thursdays?  Because I get to do something I truly love doing, with no pressure except to enjoy the whole process for 1/2 hour  .  .  .  how many get that opportunity?

I finished working the bottom left-hand portion of the foreground, a hint of water flowing around the rounds can finally be seen.  As this drawing continues to be developed the water will become all the more clear.  The water will be drawn in as a blurry form around the hard edges of the rocks – some portions of the rocks are hidden under the water and you can barely make them out.  In time you’ll see.  Today I used 4H,2H, HB, B.

Next week the largest rock in the middle part of the painting will be worked on.  Thanks for looking .  .  .

Water Veil #12Thanks to Craig Johnson, a wonderful photographer from pmp, for use of his reference image.

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8 Responses to Thursday Drawings, Water Veil #12

  1. i boasted too soon.. presently no image loaded, but i suspect if i walk away and do some work, the image will be there later! and then the comment would not send.. but now the image is here! yay! great work! it’s beautiful, and i wish i could see it in real life! thanks for again illustrating by example that it pays to stick with it1

    • Mary says:

      Hi Lisa, hope you are well. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on the drawing – I took a break last week for the holiday. But I’ll be back at it this coming Thursday. I’m getting excited about this drawing, just because the rocks are so much fun to work with – the patterns (like tree bark) keep on materializing. Take care my friend.

  2. Forest So Green says:

    No pressure for half an hour, that sounds great!

  3. Excellent values! It’s happening:)

  4. Doris says:

    I like the texture , It’s coming along,

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