Valley During Winter, oil pastel

Here is a winter scene that I painted during the holidays.  I was attracted to the area for its quiet and peaceful feel – the way nature was meant to be enjoyed.

This oil pastel (8×10, surface was a prepared gesso hardboard)  is a place called “Wye Valley.”  The scene interested me because of the muted background colors, dark foreground area of forest and the snow-covered icy river.

It’s a chilly scene, but hopefully the snow-covered ground warms it enough that you might just want to stay a while.

Valley During Winter

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43 Responses to Valley During Winter, oil pastel

  1. violetski says:

    So beautiful, Mary!
    Love colors combination that are perfect❤️

  2. You have a gift with color. You choose the perfect combination to convey the mood in mind. Beautifully done Mary! love it!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning – I LOVE this one! The beautiful way the contrast between lights and darks dances and harmonizes just takes my breath away – gorgeous.

  4. Healthy A-Z says:

    Love this one! The scene is so inviting even in the cold. Happy New Year, Mary!!

    • Mary says:

      So wonderful to hear from you Cyndi! Happy New Year to you as well – hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by, loved reading your comment!

  5. An all time favorite Mary. This is divine!

  6. The beautiful thing with muted colors, you can use that piece of art then in any art gallery you have created in the home…nice job.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Laurie – appreciate your comments. I agree on the muted colors, great for general decorating – I’m working on a couple of floral pieces right now that I’m hoping hits these same points you mention.

  7. aFrankAngle says:

    Peaceful, chilly, and well done.

  8. Leya says:

    It works perfectly with me, Mary. I would love to stay longer!

  9. sefeniak says:

    Another beautiful painting Mary! 🙂

  10. It’s a beautiful winder landscape, Mary! We have the warmest winder in 102 years here, so I’m glad I get to see some snow in your painting 🙂

  11. Francesca says:

    This is such a lovely and peaceful scene, Mary! I love it!

  12. Such a peaceful and serene scene, my dear Mary! 🙂

  13. Maria says:

    I can really see in your paintint that is a peaceful area! Beautiful work!!! 🙂

  14. dorannrule says:

    Oh, this is very beautiful!

  15. lulu says:

    Lovely. You have captured the mood beautifully.

  16. amadiex says:

    This painting reminds me of Maine where I used to hike! Beautiful!

    • Mary says:

      So nice to hear you mention Maine, I used to live there and I totally agree. Ah, Maine the way life should be! Thanks for your great comment.

      • amadiex says:

        A fellow Mainer!!! I used to live north of Portland in the Brunswick area. I moved back to the Midwest about three years ago. I so miss it there!! I find i really miss the ocean and the autumn seasons it had such beauty that I always had my camera and sketch pad with me.

  17. kerlund74 says:

    Lovely colors! A wonderful painting:)

    • Mary says:

      Thank you and much appreciated. The deep, rich cool colors I love – this scene worked well with them, along with those muted in the background. Thanks very much!!

  18. Don says:

    Your shadows are magnificent Mary.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Don you are very kind and appreciate you comment about the shadows. Love dark magenta for cool shadows, gives a little color to a drab area. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you!

  19. Chilly indeed Mary, I really like this painting. It has such a natural feel to it. I better put my jacket on!

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