Sheep in Winter, oil pastel

As our unusually cold temperatures dipped into the low 20’s (had frozen pipes yesterday) I’m thinking it’s time to post my last winter scene of the season and move onto warmer subjects.

The last winter painting of the season is an oil pastel (8×10) painted on a gessoed prepared hardboard.  I’m not one to paint animals but I thought why not give sheep a try in a snow scene.  Most of the oil pastels used were Holbeins (layer on hardboard beautifully), neopastels and a few Senneliers.

The scene was inspired by a summer photograph of sheep grazing on a hillside (Roy Simmons was the photographer of pmp).  When I first saw the image I imagined a snow scene so I went about recreating a warm winter scene, as well as adding a few trees here and there.

Hope everyone stays warm .  .  . enjoy!

Sheep in Winter

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34 Responses to Sheep in Winter, oil pastel

  1. violetski says:

    This is gorgeus , Mary! ❤️
    I specially love the sky colors😃

  2. exiledprospero says:

    But winters are so beautiful, if experienced vicariously though carrot-nosed snowmen and mummified children (how many layers can they reasonably endure?) from thousands of miles south and in a place where temperature is not, as a practical matter, measured in degrees Kelvin. Yes, I love winters.

    But Mary, have you considered that painting warmer scenes, such as tropical beaches and swaying palm trees, may only serve to intensify your sensation of cold. I say face your troubles head on and paint the most frigid landscape you can imagine. That, dear Mary, will warm you.

    Besides, you are so good at painting winter scenes…

    • Mary says:

      Thank you my friend, I might have to turn out a few more winter scenes based on your and others comments. But Ariel’s Prospero for those of us experiencing the cold of winters’ grip a warmer climate is never far from our thoughts as we dream of warm breezes and sparkling waters ~ thank you for your beautiful comment.

  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    Stunning work of ART!!!!

  4. Maria says:

    Hello Mary! Beautiful as always! I love your blog this is why I decided to nominate you to for a Sunshine Blogger Award!

  5. Forest So Green says:

    I like the sheep, stay warm, Annie

  6. A welcome serene scene:) I especially love the color in the sky!

  7. Stefano says:

    Love it, Mary: I particularly like the juxtaposition of white on white, which contributes to the high key, wintry feel of the scene. Great job as always!
    Stay warm – here the temperatures dropped to 1F! Brrrrr…

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Stefano, appreciate your feedback and read on the scene. With oil pastels a lot of white has to be laid down first for snow and then comes layers of colors in various value ranges will be worked in. In this case light ochre, salmon, gold tones and very light purples/blues were used leaving more white showing in places closer to the foreground. Very difficult to get good representation with my camera, but I really enjoyed your review of the whites! Thanks very much.

  8. Mary, wow! this is fantastic work! I had not gathered the courage to paint white on white. This, I think is the most difficult thing to do, and you have accomplish it beautifully! Love it! 😀

  9. coastalcrone says:

    Very creative! Anyone can do sheep in a green pasture – well, I couldn’t in any setting. I too am ready for warmer weather but I just read another post about the beautiful winter colors and then I find yours. Perhaps it is a sign for me to appreciate each day more. Thanks for the inspiration. It is not nearly that cold here!

    • Mary says:

      Wonderful comment, thanks so much. Well I’ve never painted sheep before, but on this one I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to put them in a little snow and have at with warm and cool colors – was fun. It’s starting to warm back up here, your southern winds will be blowing up this way, thank goodness and it might even rain the rest of the week which is unusual for us in North Texas, but a very good thing!

  10. poppytump says:

    Beautiful wintry pastoral scene Mary !
    Frozen pipes … OH my …

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Poppy – it was nice to paint snow on a slightly bigger surface. We are in for a thaw the rest of the week 50’s and 60’s – TX homes weren’t built for the cold temps.

  11. Craig says:

    Sure hope these are ending up in galleries – really fine aesthetics to these.

    • Mary says:

      You are so nice Craig, thank you for the vote of confidence! This one is a bit different from my usual ~ thanks for your wonderful comment.

  12. doronart says:

    I think with such great painting you packing winter a bit early.. I rather you paint few more while you got the hang of it and try a sun dance instead.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Doron – I know I probably should do several more snow paintings. Maybe I’ll tackle one or two more at the end of January, we’ll see how things go.

  13. Rob Taylor says:

    beautiful work…..

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