Thursdays Drawing, Water Veil #15 and #16

Finally, Thursday has arrived and that means it’s time to draw for a half hour.

It was great taking time during the holidays to catch up on Water Veil on the foreground – happy to say this part is done for now.  The middle-ground should be completed next week.  After that I’ll take a day to finish out the entire drawing which will primarily be the veil of water flowing out from the rocks.

What I’ve posted are two updated images #15 and #16 showing the progress of the drawing.  While working mostly on the foreground and middle-ground, I went back to areas of the drawing that were already finished to work on the value ranges of the rocks.  Graphite pencils used were 4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B and 3B.

Thanks for your patience .  .  .

Water Veil #15

Water Veil #15

Water Veil #16

Water Veil #16


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28 Responses to Thursdays Drawing, Water Veil #15 and #16

  1. Jackie says:

    This is coming along very nicely! 😀

  2. #16 my eyes were drawn to more for the detail.

  3. It is building up! I like how the contrast values are coming along! great job! 😀

  4. Looking really great Mary! You are exhibiting success with the H series of pencils. I go for right for the B’s (less patient:) I think I should give them another go!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Elena, thank you! There are some really light areas in this painting and wanted to slowly develop their foundations so the H’s worked quite well. I’m going to do a portrait next ~ getting excited to finish this piece out and get on with a new project.

    • hey my talented friends! sorry i’ve been so silent; i agree; i jump in with the b series of pencils – 4B is my favorite, but wow it requires s lot of sharpening!

      i’m happy to be in a hotel room tonight, and i did a bit of catch up work but not enough. it’s time for some very needed rest/sleep.

      great progress and so very soothing! hooray for you!

      • Mary says:

        Thanks Lisa! Amazing you work with 4B and still manage to get the lights you do, but then as you said lots of sharpening – the point is your friend. Glad you’re resting up – nice to hear from you. Take care ~

        • hey – buenos dias!
          there are times, usually when in transit, that i think of you and know that you’re out there and staying consistent and working each week with disciplined patience! i’m sure many have noted this, and you’re teaching so many more lessons than the one about art!

          • Mary says:

            Thanks Z – back to you, of course. I’m only consistently drawing weekly now because of you and your fabulous challenge to draw weekly for 1/2 hour. It couldn’t have been a better motivator to get disciplined again, but more than that it’s forced me to become more observant with the scale of value ranges. So I have to be send you one big “Thank you” from Texas to Ecuador – my mentor and friend.

  5. nutsfortreasure says:

    Very pretty work Mary.
    I will be taking a one day watercolor lesson to see if I want to paint again. I love gifts to myself that enrich just me 🙂

  6. doronart says:

    It is moving Mary thank goodness we have Thursday half hour.. interesting and amazing patience to see this painting developing..

  7. Oh how nice to see the picture develop like this! I can’t help comparing it to a picture appearing on paper in a darkroom.. 🙂 Very nice to follow this, Mary!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Calee, thanks for your comment. I never think of a drawing (or a painting) developing in quite that way – but what a cool comparison and I totally agree. I’m happy to see that the drawing is nearly done.

  8. You are beautifully talented. What a wonderful gift!!! I on the other hand have trouble drawing stick people. :o)

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