Thursdays Drawing, Water Veil – final

I didn’t think this day would come, but you know as I was drawing today it was a bit melancholy as I’ve come to know every line, crack and crevice to the rocks, the water flow has become familiar to my hand, knowing there will be no more surprise – the end is revealed.

Thank you for your patience as the scene developed, only 18 weeks (ha, remember 1/2 hour of drawing/week, so big progress was not to be expected).  Water Veil gave me multiple challenges – the biggest was how to show the water flowing off the middle rock-shelf behind the veil of water raining down from above.  I did think about using a fixative, but it would have been too complicated to only spray the middle of the drawing, etc.  So in the end using the curves, shadows and angles to form the water flow was the best option.  Please let me know if you think it worked.

Water Veil is 9×12 on Strathmore Vellum paper, graphite pencil ranges used were 4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, and 3B.  To create the soft flow of water against the harsh rock environment I used tortilium, q-tip and a vinyl eraser.  This scene was drawn by hand, while I had to sketch out forms of rocks here and there, the patterns were created by the pencil as the rocks character was born.  Asked once if I use a grid when drawing or painting, I don’t because I have to feel the subject, a grid would force me to follow the grid rather than just going with “it”.

This drawing would not have been possible without the most gorgeous photograph taken by Craig Johnson of pmp, a photographer who takes images that brings the soul of the earth to our eyes and minds.  Thank you Craig.

Here she is, Water Veil  .  .  .

Water Veil

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48 Responses to Thursdays Drawing, Water Veil – final

  1. Fantastic Mary – are you going to join the drawing group? – at PMP? ~wish you would.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Jacqueline, so nice of you. I’m a member of the group, but it takes me weeks to draw one picture because I only devote 1/2 hr/week – so I’m kind of a quiet member.

  2. Doris says:

    Mary this is amazing!
    I love it , I want to be there right now and listen to the water
    the detail is amazing and the way the water is falling well superb

  3. The Water Veil is astounding, Mary. A beautiful accomplishment!

  4. David Reid says:

    Ha! Well done. Wonderful drawing!

  5. mamiesmith says:

    Wow! Absolutely incredible!

  6. Absolutely worth the wait! Marvelous work Mary!

  7. doronart says:

    Suppose to say I liked as I witnessed it. I think I should go to bed.. too late. Great job Mary.

  8. doronart says:

    It is not just a painting but a story and a book… I am amazed to see the patience you store in you Mary. It is incredible and I enjoy the trip. I am sure that one day a masterpiece will be born! and i like to witness it.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Doron for your very nice comments – your encouraging support is like the icing on a cake. This was an enjoyable drawing for me and now I’m ready to make a final decision on my next. Thanks again for sticking with this, I think it requires lots of patience on your part too, lol!

  9. What at a lovely drawing – so delicate… wonderful, Mary…. worth the patience and attention.

  10. Fantastic details! It came out great. the waterfall looks impressive as well as the rocks. Great Job Mary!

  11. patisaac says:

    Beauticul pencil drawing, Mary and I especially like the way you handled the water.

  12. patisaac says:

    BEautiful drawing, Mary. I especially like the way you handled the water.

  13. Don says:

    Beautiful Mary. Such a joy to watch it unfold. Thank you.

  14. WOW!! Definitely worth the wait, it’s a great masterpiece!! 😀 Well done, Mary!!!

  15. poppytump says:

    Bravo Mary ! An unstoppable force rendered with such light is a triumph 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thanks so much Poppy, glad you enjoyed the drawing! I had weeks to think about rendering the light, was pretty sold on what I was going to do and at the last minute stuck with basic drawing with no tricks of the trade.

  16. delimaf says:

    Great job, Mary! A lot of work – and a lot of passion!

  17. Craig says:

    Mary – this certainly ‘clicked’ in the end and the months of discipline you applied to this are so apparent. It’s hard to imagine creating wispy filaments of spray with graphite. Really well done. I’m honored you have given eighteen weeks to creating, using my reference to do this fine work. I’m also most grateful for your generous words of affirmation about my own work. You have helped me so much in taking my own work more seriously.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Craig, so glad you have enjoyed the piece and like the reveal – it was a wonderful drawing to work on weekly. It taught me a lot, patience being one. Your scene was exactly what I was looking for in interesting elements, complexity and a subject that you usually don’t see done. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your photographs, as an artist these nature gifts bring another world of subjects to explore.

  18. Mia says:

    Your pastels are stunning !

  19. Healthy A-Z says:

    I’m intrigued by the detail. I scrolled back to the ones I missed and I can see how you transformed this layer by layer. No wonder you became a bit attached to the process. It’s like reading a good book and immersing yourself in another world.

    • Mary says:

      Hey Cyndi – how are you doing? Thanks very much, especially going back and reading through the posts, means a lot to me that you would take the time. You are so right, drawing and painting really is like reading a good book to me

  20. elisaruland says:

    How touching to read the thought process and the feel the emotional connection behind your art. This is lovely work, Mary.

  21. kerlund74 says:

    It really is a masterpiece! Fantastic:)

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