Thursdays Drawing – Sorrow #2

I don’t know about you, but this week has gone by way too fast for me.  I’ve been quiet because I’m working on an oil pastel commission for a charity and it’s taken longer than anticipated – hopefully it will be done tomorrow so I can post.   Never know, I’ve already scraped it down twice, lol, so what does that tell you?!

It is Thursday and I was able to work on Sorrow for 1/2 hour just before the daylight ran out.  I’ve started on the bottom right-hand corner of the fabric folds using 4H and 2H,  I really love the statute and all that it stands for – looking forward to working on this drawing for the next several weeks.

Hope you enjoy and I promise to catch up with everyone’s blog posts, I’m so far behind!!

Sorrow #2

Sorrow #2

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20 Responses to Thursdays Drawing – Sorrow #2

  1. dear Mary, am so happy to have you on my list of nominees for the The Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award here’s the link together let us spread more joy, peace, hope and love through our blogs ;D

  2. Short week for me too, yet I noticed your absence. Glad to see you back!

  3. Me too!! Week was gone in a blink of an eye!! Looking forward to your drawing 😀

  4. dorannrule says:

    Anticipation is half the fun when following our blog! 🙂

  5. you are so great, and i know that this one is going to be sensitive and strong!

    an hour ago i waved goodbye to 28 tourists, and now i am at a hotel for fast sleep before heading home tomorrow to hopefully arrive in time for a meeting about the tidal problems at el matal beach. i will drop the ball again today/tonight, as sleep calls.

    i’m so very proud that you continue to hold true to this timeout for art! you get HUGE star by your name!!!!!


    • Mary says:

      Hi Lisa, oh my you’ve had some really long days and with all the rains and storm damage it just doesn’t seem like you’ll be resting anytime soon. 28 tourists! How did they like your gallery and the rug? Thank you again for your support and always big-time encouragement! Take care and I hope that the beach erosion isn’t too bad, although your pictures show a different story.

      • `hey from a ‘mini bus stop’ along my route home!

        thanks; i think i’m about to have a few weeks’ quiet time, and i look forward to devoting a lot of that time to art. i’ve had a follow-up post about the beach in drafts, and i think i’ll send it out now, unpolished – something is better than nothing for those people who are racing a ticking clock. tides and suns and moons wait for no one!

  6. Doris says:

    I know the feeling I am illustrating a book and do not have time to blog 😦
    but the detail is fantastic, cannot wait, you do beautiful work

  7. elisaruland says:

    I hope you find time to catch your breath, Mary. Love your work!

  8. Gallivanta says:

    Looking forward to seeing your work as it unfolds 🙂

  9. M. R. says:

    This is something always with me, Mary: I await your finished work with trepidation …

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