Golden Pears, oil pastel

Edges in paintings is such an interesting subject and technique.  I’ve been working on improving my painting edges whether they are soft, hard or lost and found.  Have had an interesting discussion going on PMP site about the subject and will write a post on my blog with the highlights perhaps next week.

Today I finished Golden Pears (5×7) using Mi-Teintes Bisque tinted pastel paper, with a limited palette.  This was fun, quick and proved to me that light and shadows are big players in helping to determine the type of edges to use in bringing the viewer to the focal point.

Let me apologize upfront because the photograph is a little fuzzy – had a difficult time in getting the camera to provide a clear focus on the painting.  But you get the idea ~

Golden Pears

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30 Responses to Golden Pears, oil pastel

  1. Francesca says:

    I love everything about this painting: the composition, the leaves and the warm golden color of the pears. Precious!!!

  2. dorannrule says:

    Mary, I love your work and this is no exception!

  3. Beautiful Mary! I am also very concerned with edges lately. You’ve managed with perfect chiaroscuro to achieve what you set out to do. I’m also enjoying the limited palette here. So very well done!

    • Mary says:

      I really do consider you a master and am always inspired by your paintings – thank you so much for your comment. There isn’t a whole lot of material discussion around the subject, even in my art books the subject is usually skimmed over, so I’m hoping that my studies will start to have an effect in how I address a subject whether still life or floral. Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. applenpear says:

    beautiful play between the soft edges across the form and hard edges for the cast shadows – lovely colors!

  5. Gallivanta says:

    Lovely study of pears. Was it a real-life study? I think pears are beautiful fruit to have about the house.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you very much! This particular study was done from a reference image from Wetcanvas image reference library – as a member I have access to thousands of photographs taken by their members that I can use to paint from. I was looking for pears to paint the other day, but my photographs were not coming out as I envisioned, they were not nearly as gorgeous as the still life I found in Wetcanvas.

  6. And we call this nature morte, while your pears are so alive. Beautiful work, Mary.

  7. Painting for Joy says:

    Oh my gosh, so very beautiful!! I painted a pear today and was surprised to see yours when I logged on. Your pears are much, much better than mine. I hope to be able to paint like you one day! Love this piece Mary.

  8. Sharon K. says:

    This is wonderful, Mary. I love the old world look….the blemishes on the fruit….the warm colors….simple and striking composition. Really lovely. 🙂

  9. Wow Mary, this is such a beautiful composed piece. The contrast is impeccable. Beautiful! 😀

  10. ĽAdelaide says:

    This is beautiful, Mary!

  11. Interesting to explore. I’m always wondering about edges, to blur, to not blur, how much edge, etc. Very good idea to sit down and just explore edges.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Kerry, thanks and this is basically what I’m doing exploring and seeing what comes of it. This one worked more easily because of the shadows – it’s a scene with extreme light that will be the interesting challenge. Hey, just want you to know I went out to Amazon and found the book I recommended in my last post – used for $5.99, if you go onto that post I included the link on my reply to you.

  12. M. R. says:

    Tell you what. Any of your work you decide you don’t like, just send it over, OK?

  13. doronart says:

    Mary that is great only the great masters were able to partly paint into the shades and us the viewers can imagine what we saw. Your light and shadow are great.

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