Thursdays Drawing, Sorrow – #6

How is it that time moves so quickly?  My half-hour came and went today in a flash, but was able to make good progress and am ready for stage 2.

Today’s drawing (12×9, Strathmore Vellum Paper) time saw the entire bottom foreground portion of the fabric completed using 4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B and 3B, at least for now as touchups will happen throughout. 

I was really feeling the ebb n’ flow of the heavy fabric, silky-smooth and the wear n’ tear by weather elements – so it is we’ll keep the raw and naturally produced patina covering her cement skin.  The patina adds to her character, as many have stated.  Oh the emotion – the position, tears and hands, each keep her in prayer – how deeply she must feel.

Sorrow #6

Sorrow #6

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8 Responses to Thursdays Drawing, Sorrow – #6

  1. this is so beautiful! i think that everyone looks at the image and exhales with a relief of peace… it’s going to be so very very powerful!


  2. Coming together beautifully.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Elena, I need to work on the drape-effect for this fabric. We’ll get there I think when I begin to work on the next stage.

  3. M. R. says:

    You know she does … she’s there under your skin, within your hands …

  4. ladyfi says:

    Wow – that is stunning.

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