I Feel So Painted!

You never know where or when connections are made – WordPress has made this connection possible. A wonderful artist friend of mine, Ugo, saw a post I did a long while on this talented artist and asked her if he could paint her. Well one thing led to another – see the painting, but also I invite you to listen to her song. Shy Gemini, Rae, is a talented vocal artist with an incredible voice who also writes her own music. You’ll understand when you hear her. Enjoy the painting!

Shy Gemini

Thank you to Ugo Paradiso, a talented (and super friendly) artist who made this kicking’ painting of my image:

Ugo's painting I love the owl!  So cute!

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10 Responses to I Feel So Painted!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mary and everyone who commented!!! Very much appreciated! Yes Rae has an incredible voice…I am working on the second painting…this is a BIG one….

  2. Karah Serine says:

    Breathtaking! A lot of feeling happening in this painting. 🙂

  3. yes! i loved this post as well!  i’m glad you’re sharing it!  z


  4. restlessjo says:

    WordPress can be a very small world, Mary, but mostly a thoroughly enjoyable one. I loved the painting and her voice. I’ve just come from Paula’s Thursday Special, which this week features a very beautiful owl, not unlike that one 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Pretty cool right Jo! I love her voice – it’s incredible. I agree we’re pretty lucky to have this social network, I love the connections made.

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