Lost Path, oil pastel

This oil pastel started out as a study on a scrap of Mi-Teintes gray tinted pastel paper  (7.25 x 4.75, odd size) for colors because I intended the actual painting to be a larger piece (11×14).  The scene went through multiple variations  with maybe seven layers of OPs and about four scrape downs (various intensities and directions of a razor to build grass textures).

The background of the scene was to be drenched in fog, but as usual the painting had ideas of its own and started leading the way with brighter colors and a lost horizon.  What are you going to do, so I went along for the ride and Lost Path came to life.

I’m not sure how I’ll treat this piece, study or finished, the size is odd enough for sure but the bones of the piece good enough that it could stand on its own as a larger painting.

Lost Path

A reference image from Viacheslav, an incredible photographer from pmp in Russia, was used as inspiration for the painting.

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30 Responses to Lost Path, oil pastel

  1. geez, how you got so much lush texture in so small a size,
    it’s really quite amazing Mary! i could see it as a wall size mural….

    • Mary says:

      Thanks for your feedback on the texture! This painting was really an exercise in color choice against the gray surface, but once I got going the piece just unfolded and I decided to finish it out. I think it would handle a larger size, making it on my list of paintings to do.

  2. The bones are there! Beautiful large or tiny!

  3. poppytump says:

    Such a subtle depth in your work Mary … and that path is tantalising .. I shall have to imagine where to goes off to …

    • Mary says:

      Hi Poppy! Thanks very much and it you should go down the path, I do hope you bring your camera to catch whatever surprise awaits in the background ~

  4. lesliepaints says:

    Oh Mary, this is gorgeous. It is so rare for an artist to take a scene so simple and make it so lush. The texture and the grasses, the feel and the look of the path just talks of the feet that have walked there. …and I love the play of warm and cool colors, just right to make me want to be there.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much Leslie, really appreciate your feedback. It’s a compliment when someone gets moved as you have with one of my paintings – thank you it means a lot coming from such an accomplished artist.

  5. doronart says:

    Superb landscape full of atmosphere

  6. Beautiful scene, Mary! 🙂 xx

  7. Madhu says:

    It is so beautiful Mary.

  8. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful painting, congratulations, Aquileana ;P

  9. Gallivanta says:

    It’s beautiful. Is it about postcard size?

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Gallivanta, it’s almost 7×5 – off a bit. It’s started off as a study, mainly for how the colors would translate – lol.

  10. Painting for Joy says:

    I like this piece as well. Sometimes we must go where the Muse takes us! ♥

  11. Francesca says:

    The colors are amazing, Mary!

  12. I like this….I think I’ve been there…or perhaps it was in a dream…

    • Mary says:

      Hi Cynthia, thanks so much. You’d have a good laugh if you knew how much paint was scraped off and laid back down, and yes, my hands were filled with all kinds of colors! The patterns emerging were fascinating, was an interesting and fun piece to paint, Have a nice evening!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Really fine work.

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