15 Day Challenge – Trees, Day 8

Today features another tree found in North Texas.  Live Oaks are lower to the ground with the branch structure spreading out to the sides.  The trunks and branches are thick, and this one produces loads of acorns.  I used the a Live Oak that straddles our neighbors yard.

The oil pastel is a 5×7 painted on Mi-Teintes cream tinted pastel paper.   I had a wonderful specimen to work from, although it’s had some deep trimming so the length of the branch spread wasn’t as wide as I’ve seen.

Hope you and enjoy and thanks for checking on the progress of the challenge.

Live Oak, Day 8

Live Oak, Day 8

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22 Responses to 15 Day Challenge – Trees, Day 8

  1. violetski says:

    This is beautiful dear Mary! Love lights and shades❤️

  2. Painting for Joy says:

    Wonderful! Your trees are perfect! Full of depth and light. Lovely.

  3. Excellent values and feathery leaves!

  4. M-R says:

    I know, I know – don’t bother telling me when I say that I would’ve liked a bit more trunk. 😉

    • Mary says:

      I agree M.R., so when I do a full painting with a Live Oak you’ll see the wonderful full trunk and branch system that makes this an awesome tree in our TX landscapes. Thanks ~

  5. ĽAdelaide says:

    Oh this is beautiful! Perfect oak!

  6. Great pastel of this tree. I think the colors are wonderful.

  7. I was wondering when the great oak is going to show up? So this is my day! Lovely study! A healthy and strong representation of a giant which I love! Thanks for considering worthy of a study!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Eva – so glad you like it. I wanted to use up a 5×7 that I had and decided to skinny the width of the tree, but my plan for one of these studies is to paint the tree mid-field in a landscape that will really showcase the branch structure, perhaps some bluebonnets or indian painters brush leading out to the tree. Probably next week sometime. Thank you, your encouraging comments are great support.

  8. What a beautiful tree!! Very nice, Mary! 😀

  9. dorannrule says:

    Funny we are both blogging about trees! Love this one too. It has a special personality.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Dorann love reading your comment, especially about a “special personality.” I’m looking forward to reading your post! Have a wonderful evening ~

  10. I did say I’m loving this series, didn’t I?!!!! 😉 xx

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Marina – you’ve made my day. Yesterday I tried several times to paint a Blue Spruce, but to no avail – the oil pastels would not work for me. So thank you, it’s been a great experience for me.

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