Blue Hills, oil pastel

I’ve wanted to paint with a limited palette for a while now, so I took an opportunity this week using the color blue as the dominant hue.

Here is my latest oil pastel painting (8×10), Blue Hills, that was painted on a gray-blue tinted Mi-Teintes pastel paper.  The majority of the paint used was Senneliers that were perfect for creating the distant, hazy atmosphere that you see in the painting.  My hands were stained a dark blue – ha, a bit of a mess I’d say.

Blue Hills

I had a wonderful time painting this scene.  Blue Hills was inspired by a gorgeous photograph taken by Vitor Dias a fantastic photographer with pmp.

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39 Responses to Blue Hills, oil pastel

  1. violetski says:

    Ah, I really love it dear Mary!
    Love that far blue hills and they’ve made a calm, relaxing mood in this painting . So talented❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. mamie says:

    Wow! This is stunning! I love the atmospheric perspective. It reminds me of a hazy, refreshing morning or dusk.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Mamie, thanks so much – you are spot-on! The time of day is first thing in the morning where the sun is barely up and the land has that bluish cast to it.

  3. There is a special atmosphere here, the blue tones and the softness are really bring me in a dream!

  4. Luminously heavenly!

  5. lesliepaints says:

    So soft, Mary. I’m drawn into the cool blues and dreaminess of this one. Really nice!

  6. doronart says:

    I could sit there for hours and enjoy the view… 🙂

  7. restlessjo says:

    So pretty, Mary! I ‘blew it up’ for a better look 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Jo! I’m glad you blew it up, I forget to mentioned that you can click onto the painting to enlarge it for a closer look.

  8. Oooh it’s Gorgeous!! Worth getting your hands blue 🙂 Have a great weekend, Mary!

    • Mary says:

      Thank you very much Calee – oh those fingers, palms actually you name it everywhere was blue (except the carpet, thanks goodness!). Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  9. Ah, but it was worth the mess!!!! 😉 Beautiful, my dear Mary!

  10. ĽAdelaide says:

    Oh Mary, this is simply stunning! I love how you’ve used the blues! Gorgeous.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much Linda! Looking back through my landscape portfolio, the colors are a bit different for me, but the blues fit the mood of the scene.

  11. poppytump says:

    What view …*sigh … very calming blues ..
    Lovely work Mary !

  12. Line says:

    Oh, wow this is so so beautiful!!! 🙂

  13. Stunning rolling hills in beautiful blue coloration. A quiet, serene scene, makes me thinking about sitting on one of those hills and daydream for hours in peace! Lovely painting Mary!

  14. Ogee says:

    Truly stunning, Mary.

  15. dorannrule says:

    That is truly beautiful Mary… Kudos! I love your work. 🙂

  16. Painting for Joy says:

    I agree….very lovely and serene Mary. Another beautiful painting. 🙂

  17. That is what I call peaceful & serene 🙂 Lovely painting!

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