5-Day Art Challenge – Day 3

Day 3

Day 3

#1 I was tagged to do a 3-pieces of art a day for 5-days, Art Challenge, by Tim Livingston at The Forester Artist.  Tim is an incredible artist, you will enjoy what you find at his blog.  I decided to accept the challenge.

#2 Next I was tagged to participate in a 5-day B&W challenge, by posting one new B&W each day.  Sylvia of Anotherdaytoparadise. I’m accepting this challenge by combining with Tim’s 3-pieces of art a day for 5 days.  Sylvia has the most incredible photography that I think you’ll appreciate the awesome subjects she captures with her lens.

Day 3 – the three drawings today concentrated on flowers, working those values and light.  Each piece was done in charcoal measuring 5×8.  I imposed up to an hour limit for each drawing in the challenge(s) mainly because the subject is not something I’m used to drawing (especially with charcoal).   My personal objective is to see the subject more as forms and values than anything else, so I expect perspective and technicals to be off.   Click onto the image for a larger view.

I would love to see Nutsfortreasure join in on the challenge, she has a great blog at Folsom Mill Studio.  Did I tell you that she is an awesome photographer and artist?  Her dedication to photography and art is clear by her collection of work – both are incredible.

Thank you for checking in ~ hey did you notice that my time frame keeps creeping up, lol!

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44 Responses to 5-Day Art Challenge – Day 3

  1. All three of these have a remarkable quality, but the last steals my heart. So very expressive! Really fine work.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much Elena – really appreciate your generous feedback and comment. My hope is to continue drawing flowers like peonies, as you see here, to get comfortable with the motions of moving charcoal to create these impressions. Very cool to read your reaction.

  2. I can almost smell these flowers. I want the first arrangement for my table!

  3. I of July says:

    i’m amazed you did all three in a day… you’re beyond gifted Mary….

  4. PJR says:

    I love the vitality of these flower drawings – wonderful movement.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful description – it’s my desire to draw (and maybe one day paint) arrangements of flowers w/a soft and romantic feel. I appreciate your feedback – thanks again.

  5. Oh I love all three of these drawings! They’re excellent and make me look forward to spring!

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed this series – the flowers were a different subject for me and one that I want to explore more. Had fun, made some discoveries along the way and ready to have another go at flowers. Thanks – have a lovely Sunday!

  6. restlessjo says:

    Lovely job, Mary! 🙂

  7. Just amazing. You’ve captured their fullness. Tempted to be jealous of those magic hands. =)


    • Mary says:

      You are so kind Diana, thank you for your beautiful comment. I think the exercise helped me feel a little more comfortable in trying to draw/paint flowers – but I have to confess details are a challenge for me. So I will keep working on flowers to see what comes forward in the learning process. Thanks so much and have a lovely Sunday!

  8. Leya says:

    You say you have little skills in drawing flowers – well, then these are even more beautiful! The last one is my favouritte.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Ann Christine – thank you. Flowers intimidate me, so I figured the best way to get over that is to try at least in B&W and then try in oil pastels – I’ve a long ways to go with getting comfortable and make them semi believable. Thanks again ~

  9. nutsfortreasure says:

    Stunning works of Art

    • Mary says:

      Hi Eunice – thanks so much!! Have yourself a wonderful weekend. Hey guess what? We got snow ~

      • nutsfortreasure says:

        Please stay same it is nice if you can paint by a window 🙂

        • Mary says:

          And now it’s all ice and snow – still happening. It’s like living in Maine again!

          • nutsfortreasure says:

            OOPS that was supposed to say Stay Safe lol fast find frozen fingers 🙂 Hope you do not have to move it like we do.

            • Mary says:

              Ha, well not quite that much a couple of inches, but now that it’s ice – well in TX you don’t have snow plows, etc. so it’s a little dangerous. But feet, well now that would shut this place down for a long time – we’ll leave the 7′ / 8′ to you hardy New Englanders!

              • nutsfortreasure says:

                We are either hearty or more like fool hardy to stick around through winters from hell lol next on my list to purchase is a pretty spot in the south guess you are not quite south enough 🙂 Stay warm and safe

  10. aFrankAngle says:

    Are you getting tired?;)

  11. Aquileana says:

    I love them dear Mary ⭐ Well done… congrats. 😎
    All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

  12. elisa ruland says:

    So lovely with the flowers tumbling over the edge of the container. You are a whirlwind of talent and creativity!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Elisa, thank you so much. That little tumbling over the edge had me on the edge worrying if it was even going to be believable, so your comment made my day. Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for your sweet compliment!

  13. Craig Johnson says:

    I love watching you grow your skills and sharing them.

  14. Flowers, my favorite subjects to take pictures off and I’m more than thrilled to see your beautiful flowers! They are absolutely magnificent, probably my favorite ones from this challenge you took! I don’t remember you drawing flowers but I might be wrong, anyhow these beauties did my day! No picking of which I like, I would only like to see more flowers from you! Stunning, stunning, stunning work love them all!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Eva – oh yeah, can you believe it? Flowers! And the subject just doesn’t come easy for me, very challenging (at least mentally, you never know until you try – right?). So I found them fun, details for the petals will need some work to take my time and define them better – but in the long run the subject has always been something that I wanted to learn. And now, it’s time I figured it out so that I can at some point paint flowers that speak of romance (like roses and peonies) – a goal at least for the future. Thank you, you know how much I appreciate your feedback! Glad you enjoyed the trio!

  15. Oh, Mary, you have been so creatively busy!!!!! Love your flowers!!! 🙂 xx

    • Mary says:

      Hi my friend! I know you are busy, so it means a lot that you would stop by. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment – glad you enjoyed the flowers! Have a wonderful weekend!!

      • I enjoy all of your work even if I may not always comment! I hope you know that! 🙂
        You too have a great weekend, my dear friend! 🙂 xx

        • Mary says:

          Oh my goodness Marina you are the best and a beautiful blogging friend. A special soul who gives so generously – sending a big hug to you! I seriously don’t know how you keep with your schedule – that’s really what I was referring too. Take care and thank you so very much!

  16. Amy says:

    Beautiful! Glad to see flower drawings, Mary!

  17. These are all really lovely, Mary. The first one is my favourite. 🙂

  18. Painting for Joy says:

    Your flowers are beautiful Mary! Love the drama! Are you drawing from life?

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Rhonda, these three were a combination of photographers at pmp and my imagination because I have little skill in drawing flowers and the photographs were in color. So I took license, as usual – then I feel that it’s mine creation. Thanks so much, love your feedback as you are an awesome floral painter.

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