Thursday’s Drawing: Takakkaw Falls, #6

Work continues on Takakkaw Falls for Thursday’s Drawing project ~

Takakkaw Falls, graphite drawing (12×9) is being drawn on Bristol Vellum paper with 2H and HB pencils, using a kneaded eraser and tortilum for blending.  Today’s work was spent mainly on developing the trees with the intention to build the trees with enough bulk so they are substantial enough in size and value that they hold their own against the falls, but also to balance out bottom portion of the drawing with the rest of the scene – I want them to hold their own.  While they aren’t the focal point they play an important role in creating interest aside from all the rock and water, and to eventually provide the perspective of the sheer size of the falls.  In addition the far-right side of the waterfall was worked on.

Next week the trees will continue to be added on and developed, and then it is smooth sailing to the finish.  Thanks for checking in – click onto the image for a larger view.

Takakkaw Falls #6

Takakkaw Falls #6

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31 Responses to Thursday’s Drawing: Takakkaw Falls, #6

  1. It’s taking great shape!

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    Details are coming together well … and wolfie continues to survive.

  3. This is really breathtaking, Mary. The falls suddenly look colossal now that you’ve added the trees. Amazing to see how the wolf had developed over the weeks. 👍

  4. Always like your layers. The tonal layers in the trees are just excellent

  5. cmartzloff says:

    This is looking really good! I appreciate how you describe your process. I also see the wolf/dog! Look forward to seeing the next stage.

  6. Wow! I just love how the wolf is making his way out. If I remember right, you hadn’t planned to put him in there originally had you? Worked out great!

  7. As ever, Miss Mary, superior craft

    much love

    uncle john

    • Mary says:

      Wow Uncle John, great to see you again – thank you so much for your generous feedback. Looking forward to reading some of your new writing once again!

  8. Martha Hayes says:

    Oh my – it’s stunning already! Martha

  9. anna77dennis says:

    lovely! I can see the dog, a husky on the right of the falls, its brilliant!

  10. I think the trees are definitely holding their own, Mary. I really enjoy reading what you do to create your beautiful art.

  11. The trees are looking very good…and work well with the overall composition. They also ground the image….it’s coming along beautifully, and thank you so much for sharing the process. Janet.

  12. Wow! Mary, do you have a special gift for trees, do you think? Man I’m so impressed! Really gorgeous work. (No surprise there) 💛

  13. Wow! The dog really jumped out at me today. Great work, Mary!

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