Making My Way Back ~

Sometimes you never know  what life holds ~

Visiting my parents and traveling through Maine was where I last left off with blogging, but life had other plans.  We received word 48 hours before we were to leave that someone special in our life passed away – the trip was not to be, as we mourned and celebrated this persons’ life.

Immediately afterward I became sick with a cold, it’s unusual to be sick and boy did it linger on.  Anyways considering all the events, painting did not come easily for me.

And finally, my family has been struggling dealing with a family member who is loosing their memory.  We recently discovered a person of tremendous value to caregivers that I wanted to pass along.  We are working hard to understand and learn how to deal with the issue.

  • There is an amazing resource, her name is Teepa Snow, whose life work has been centered around this very issue.   She has made some incredible you-tube video’s that help caregivers recognize signs of dementia and how to effectively deal with each stage.  Teepa does seminars around the country and world to help caregivers recognize the signs of memory loss and how to effectively deal with the issue.  During these sessions she effectively goes in and out of role-plays easily so as a viewer you are able to quickly understand a situation and how best to handle it.

I hope you take a moment to view some of Teepa’s you-tube video’s (especially the one that I’ve linked here).  In just a few minutes of watching the video light was shed on many issues we have been dealing with  and have given us ways to manage through a difficult period.

Hope you all are well, I’ve just started back at painting (a few to post).  Very soon I’ll be taking time to catch up on your blogs.

Royal Elegance, oil pastel

Royal Elegance, oil pastel

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