Red Roses Series, #4 – oil pastel

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Henry David Thoreau

The red rose painting series continues.  This painting idea came from a photograph I took of red roses picked from yes, my famous red rose bush.  I really enjoyed placing small bundles of these red roses throughout our home ~ they were gorgeous roses to look at during the summer months.

Red Roses Series #4, is an oil pastel painting (10×8) done on red poppy tinted Mi-Teintes pastel paper.  When my photograph was taken the vase of roses was against a light colored wall – that didn’t work for the theme of my series.  Creatively the painting developed in much the same manner as the others – in this case I substituted the colors for what I saw in my minds-eye, but used the same values.

We’ve been away to attend a nieces wedding, a beautiful blushing bride and happy couple. I might add!  Glad to be back and looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Hope you enjoy – thank you for checking in.  Please click onto the image for a larger view.

Red Rose Series 4



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55 Responses to Red Roses Series, #4 – oil pastel

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  2. The deep rich colors are really captivating in this one. Love it. ~Rita

  3. Weddings are such a lovely celebration of life, love and hope. This outpouring of red roses seems a great way to celebrate that. Love the quote.

  4. Love and hate between me and my (now gone) roses! After they got not sure which illness I gave them to a friend with a garden in the hope that growing in the terrain (I only have a terrace) that will recover…maybe next year I’ll buy some more…but your roses are always beautiful!

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much Robert. Oh how sad for your roses – they can be a tough flower to grow, hopefully they are doing well and starting to recover.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mary – you just keep getting better and better. I want to put this in a gilded frame with a light on it and then have it the only light on in a paneled room.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you for your very generous compliment and thoughts on this painting. The imagery you give through your words is wonderful to read and is much appreciated.

  6. Beautiful, Mary. A joyful start to my day… 🙂 Also, loved the quote… 🙂

  7. Beautifully painted, and so well composed

  8. After getting my ‘Mary Roses’ dose, I can happily proceed with my day! 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thank you my friend – glad you enjoyed your roses. Fun series and perhaps two more and then closing it and moving onto another. Hope July finds you digging out from your busy schedule and starting to find time to relax.

  9. Another beauty….part of a lovely series. Glad you had a good break and will look forward to seeing more…..Janet:)

  10. Rebecca says:

    These totally glow, Mary. And your garden must have some gems in it! 🙂

  11. dorannrule says:

    Fantastic! I so envy you your immense talent.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much for your kind and generous compliment – means a lot to me my friend. Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.

  12. Fabio says:

    Fantastic, Mary! Thanks so much! 🙂

  13. Very beautiful indeed.

  14. Breathtaking. Wow. Thank you. 💜

  15. This is so beautiful, it made me catch my breath, Mary. 🙂 Stunning painting. I love it. Great quote, and how lovely to have been to your niece’s wedding.

    • Mary says:

      So nice Sylvia, thank you – your words are so appreciated. The wedding was a magical time (she is our Goddaughter too!), very special occasion for the family.

  16. Resa says:

    Divine, Mary, simply divine!

  17. Amy says:

    Gorgeous red rose! I love how you paint the layers of petals.
    It reminds me Mr. Lincoln Roses that I had in our previous house. 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Wow Amy such a compliment – it’s taken me some time to get past being intimidated to paint roses and your compliment is so appreciated. The roses on this bush were flush with petals (120+) that made for some pretty gorgeous openings. Thank you so much Amy!

  18. This is exquisite, Mary…so beautiful.

  19. artbyisabel says:

    I to grow roses and love to adorn my home with them, this is lovely, well done. 🙂

  20. Susan Feniak says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Mary!! That rose bush of yours is prolific. Love the Henry David Thoreau quote too.

  21. debiriley says:

    wow, Mary, these are so wonderful! they have such an old world charm to them, that takes one back in time. and I bet they have a lovely aroma that drifts thru the rooms too!!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Debi, for always being present and so generous with your thoughts. There is something so intriguing for me about old world charm and this series of red roses is my attempt to bring some of that into my painting. This series has been humbling, still areas to work out, but that’s what makes the learning process so interesting. The rose bush had a wonderful sweet fragrance – loved it!

  22. Angie Mc says:

    Pretty as always, Mary.

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