Pink Roses Study, oil pastels

Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.”  Rembrandt

Couldn’t have said it any better – he knew.  Each time I paint with oil pastels they show me what I really don’t know – practicing and learning, the combination that keeps me moving forward in creativity.

Pink Roses Study, an oil pastel (4×6) was painted on cream tinted Mi-Teintes pastel paper.  The study is small (photograph taken quite close so it’s a little distorted especially when you view the image in a larger size) because I wanted to try a new technique, but also to see whether the composition would hold up for a larger painting  – I like how it developed.  No white was used in this painting, the petal highlights were done with cream.  I’m not sure whether to keep with the cream or go deeper with the values of the petals to eliminate some of the lightness w/the highlights – have to sleep on it.

Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend – click onto the image for a larger view.

Pink Roses Study



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87 Responses to Pink Roses Study, oil pastels

  1. Very delicate and beautiful. Well done! ~Rita

  2. I came back to have a look at the roses. They are gorgeous! Lush and sensuous.

  3. Honestly, I can almost smell these. Are you using smell-o-rama pastels?

  4. Paul Beech says:

    Mary, your pink roses are a delight, roses to gasp over and hold us in a whirl of pure joy. Wonderful work.

    My very best from North Wales,


    • Mary says:

      Hi Paul, thank you so very much for your kind thoughts on this recent painting, means a lot. I’ve been away and need to check in on your blog to see how your event went – without a doubt many enjoyed your amazing writings.

  5. Genie says:

    I love your painting just the way it is, nothing needs changing, in my opinion.

  6. nutsfortreasure says:

    I love it just the way it is
    Beautiful Mary

  7. Carol King says:

    Beautiful romantic roses.

  8. debiriley says:

    these are so beautifully filled with Light! the highlights and warmth of summer light is so gorgeous! just lovely Mary 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thanks for your feedback Debi – the aspects of the painting you highlighted. Spent time yesterday working the painting out on green tinted paper and ochre tinted paper and both did not give the effect I was looking for. So I’ve decided to do the larger painting on the cream tinted paper is this piece was, the lighting worked out the best with this surface.

  9. Leyla says:

    aww lovely ❤

  10. I of July says:

    Okay, I’m envious 🙂 so delicately done. Professional. I feel like I should be paying just to see your wonders. One of my favourite blogs period.

    • Mary says:

      My number #1 fan – thanks very much Heath, quite a compliment. This painting was really a study to see if I could make something work for a larger size – your feedback means a lot, as the others so I’m onto the next painting. Glad you are enjoying my work, it means a lot that you take the time to stop by my blog.

  11. The colour combination, the highlights with cream- are beautifully done. Your works reveal how much time and thinking and hard work you give to bring them out so wonderfully… 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Maniparna, really appreciate your feedback and thoughts. This was a great little study, learned a lot and ready to paint a larger version.

  12. dsaquarelles says:

    your roses are somptuous! the choice of the colors is exquisite! I ❤

  13. restlessjo says:

    Exquisite, Mary! They could be real 🙂 Wishing you a happy weekend.

  14. This is exquisite Mary. Just lovely. It doesn’t matter what subject you tackle, high key or low, you are just one gifted artist. That’s all there is to it. Scrumptious roses, really first rate stuff. Thank you for sharing.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Laura for taking the time to write such encouraging and supportive feedback, that means a lot and is appreciated – like you a good deal of learning is coming from these studies. They are great fun to work out. Now if only I can find the same comfort level in painting with brushes, lol!

  15. Gallivanta says:

    Lovely. Am curious about your idea for a bigger piece. 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Hi Gallivanta – thanks very much. I think the over all design works, but I may punch in a few more defined petals and leaves. It’s more the colors that need to be worked out. There is a particular wall space in my home that I’d like to fill and conceptually this painting is the sort of vision I’ve been seeing for it.

  16. Love the colors combination for its great emotional impact on the viewer.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Robert, I enjoyed your thoughts on this piece. The colors were really working – actually tried the painting first on green tinted pastel paper, it took all but two seconds to see it wasn’t working.

  17. Quite beautiful Mary.

  18. cmartzloff says:

    Really nice! I love the softness of the painting. Wonder if the cream contributes to that and the warmth of it.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Catherine so much. I think you are right about the attributes of the cream – even more so in person (the cream looks lighter on the computer screen than it is). I’m looking forward to painting this on a larger scale, might try it on a different colored-tinted paper.

  19. dorannrule says:

    This is so beautiful I am unable to say more.

  20. I don’t think that I can add anymore than what you have heard from others but my goodness, what a beautiful and sweet painting… it!

  21. What a beautiful, beautiful painting, Mary. (You must understand that somewhere in the history of my love life I came to hate red roses, so I have steered pretty clear of your red series—which are very good, only I am way too biased to comment.) So now, here are these pink lovelies….they are so disciplined yet free. I could easily mistake them for a painting by Renoir.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Cynthia – thank you my friend for your beautiful thoughts and compliment (I only wish that I could produce 1/10th of the talent that Renoir so masterfully displays in his work). It was a good break from the darkness of the red rose series. Oh my I didn’t know of the history you speak and in my case, it is just the opposite – but I understand your comment. Serious and respectful question, have you ever thought of writing about the red rose? I ask because the emotional impact of where you take it would make for an incredible read, as only you could do.

  22. A beautiful image to take me into the weekend….Thank you…Janet:)

  23. gorgeous! Print in Pink!

  24. The coloring is beautiful and that green just pops! Beautiful, Mary!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Jill – the green tones were fascinating to develop in this piece, I even added some of my very dark Indigo blue which gave it a richness to the dark areas.

  25. Resa says:

    How romantic is this? Lusciously romantic, Mary, and It is what the cream delivers in your pink roses, to me. It’s beyond vintage, as I sense an antique beauty… Victorian and more. Perhaps a darker tone of light would enhance that Victorian era feeling. Well, whatever you do, I will love to see! Have a great weekend.. Love and peace!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks so much Resa. The painting does have that Victorian feel to it, I hadn’t thought of that. In person the cream comes across a bit softer and warmer than on the computer screen, but your suggestion of a little darker with the lights might work – will depend on the final design. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too ~ happy hunting for murals!

  26. Jackie says:

    Lovely painting! The colors are gorgeous. 😀

  27. Amy says:

    This beautiful painting must have taken you a lot of your time to paint the peddles besides to think about the composition and using cream instead of white… That makes this painting so special!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Amy, thanks so much for your thoughts on this piece. There is a a lot of thought that goes in before beginning the study that really helped me consider the end vision for the piece, what surface to use and value treatment. But also the painting strokes, colors to use and tool to spread the paint. For me it’s this combination of factors that makes painting so interesting, how to get a scene 3-dimensional on a 2-dimensional surface with some interesting elements sprinkled in. Thank you for always taking such an active interest in my work – can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend.

      • Amy says:

        Hi Mary, You have taught me and many other viewers to appreciate beautiful paintings through your remarkable art work. Thank you for taking time to help us understand the layers of works and effort behind the scene. ❤

  28. Ah, Mary they are gorgeous! I hope you’re not tired of hearing it from me!!! 😉 xx

  29. So lovely, Mary. I love Mamie’s description. Perfect. 🙂 Happy weekend. xx

  30. mamie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! It looks like the roses are glowing in gold fairy dust. It reminds me of the illustrations from one of my favorite books as a kid: Bunny and the Beast.(

    • Mary says:

      Love it when I see you Mamie, thank you very much. Love your reaction to the painting and your description is awesome – went out to see the book you referred too, it is a wonderful children’s book (great reviews). Thank you for stopping by and hope you are well – would love to see some of your art (that I know you’ve been working on!).

  31. Spectacular! It’s been so long since I’ve gone on my reader but this is just beautiful 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Wonderful to see you again ~ thank you so much for your encouraging response to the painting, means a lot! Hope you are well and share some of your beautiful artwork again.

  32. Hi Mary, as always your work is beautiful. I’ve got roses blooming and love them! Hope you’re well. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Mary says:

      What a wonderful surprise Geralyn – thank you so much, lovely to hear from you. I’m well and I hope the same for you and that you’ve settled into your new job and loving it.

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