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Green Apple on Red – acrylic painting

Apples are the best-of-the-best where fruits are concerned – I grew up with apple orchards all around me and there is nothing like fresh fruit right off the tree.  It’s really hard to resist a good-looking apple.  My all-time favorite … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas ~

My very best wishes to everyone for a beautiful and special Christmas and a wonderful new year ~ Thank you everyone for your visits and encouraging comments throughout the year, and mostly for your valued friendship.  See you in 2018! … Continue reading

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Two Studies – acrylic paintings that were based on demonstrations by Artist Mark Carder

Several years ago I found an artist online, Mark Carder, whose work and methods I’ve come to appreciate and admire.  He’s an established oil painter who specializes in realism from portraits to still life’s – his wife Emily is also … Continue reading

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Dish of Limes – acrylic painting

My time continues to be limited, but every once in a while I am able to paint and have recently completed several pieces.  My dear and amazing blogging friend, Theadora Brack, has encouraged me to post some of the works … Continue reading

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Bowl of Plums – acrylic painting

A couple of months into painting with acrylics ~ I love this medium.  I’ve really enjoyed learning the nuances and technical mechanics.  While only at the beginning of building my knowledge base and comfort level, acrylics is becoming a paint … Continue reading

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Yellow Apple – acrylic painting (study of Will Kemp’s youtube painting)

I’ve had to step back and re-directed my energies on family matters – one day I’ll explain.  But for now, I’m back to say hello to all my friends on WP! I haven’t done much with art, but recently began … Continue reading

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The Tree – a graphite drawing

“Trees are the real drama queens – they standout, demand attention and if one forgets, the mightiest will sway their limbs and shake their leaves putting on the grandest of all performances.” by Mary The Tree, a graphite drawing (10×8) … Continue reading

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Seeking Solitude – a graphite drawing

“I step onto the path and as my feet sink into the first grains of sand I can feel the salty sea breeze hit my face, the smell of the sea water and screeching call of the gulls – it’s … Continue reading

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Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, Maine – a charcoal drawing

“Weary sailors search the horizon for a glimpse of light, the beacon that will take them home.  It’s been a long, cold and rough journey at sea as they long to set foot on land again ~ families wait anxiously … Continue reading

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Magic Hour – charcoal drawing

“The sounds of sea breezes, waves coming ashore and seagulls squawking overhead slowly fade away; I look to the horizon and wait for the brilliance of a setting sun.  There is magic in this hour ~ “  by Mary Magic … Continue reading

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