Lakes, Rivers, Ponds – oil pastels

6 Responses to Lakes, Rivers, Ponds – oil pastels

  1. Val says:

    What beautiful and atmospheric paintings! Some remind me of my mother’s work.

  2. It’s easy to be supportive of your work, Mary, because it is so outstanding and touches my heart and soul. I just un-followed and followed again. Let’s hope that works.

    • Mary says:

      Hope so – I have a post later today coming out, hopefully you’ll receive notice in your Reader. Great to see you again ~ love your feedback!!

  3. Comfort and calmness amid water beauty….they are all meditations, Mary. Thank you for these magical paintings.

    • Mary says:

      You are simply the kindest – thank you Patricia for your generous words. I’m glad you enjoyed the series. I responded to you question about following. Sometimes WP Reader gets goofy and doesn’t have the blogs we follow, so if you un-follow and then follow again you’ll re-set it. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being so supportive and encouraging!

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