Seascape Paintings (acrylics)

Ocean Study 2

Ocean Study 2, acrylic

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4 Responses to Ocean Study 2

  1. Enjoyed your seascapes. I used to do such in my late teens but my sky and water looked like mud. I think I had some talent for it but I needed to practice and learn which I never did so as far as painting and color sketching I keep to the cartoons and poster art and artsy-craftsy things. I think my Dia de los Muertos art is good though. Had my very first gallery showing ever with those last Nov/Dec. I recently completed a George Washington mosaic using George Washington stamps(not originals but scanned, sized and printed) as tiles It is a 2×3 oval shaped standing portrait of him with his Masonic apron on and now hangs in the Masonic Lodge building in Greensboro, North Carolina. Father and I are both Masons and it is cherished that it is displayed in such a venerable place as a Mason. Appreciate your visits to my blog.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks so much Carl, really appreciate that you took time to go back into some of my earlier works. Loved reading about your artistic creations, especially about being a Mason and what you did with the George Washington mosaic. What an honor it is for the piece to be hanging in the Masonic Lodge – congratulations. A wonderful time-honored organization and history for both your father and you to be a part of. Thanks so much for sharing Carl, it was a real joy to read.

  2. I can feel the coldness of the wave and smell the salt air. Beautiful, Mary!

    • Mary says:

      So great to hear from you Patricia – thank you for your lovely comment on the painting. You really know how to make my day. Glad the painting touched you so, that is a wonderful compliment.

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