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Lookout Point on Talcott Mountain – charcoal drawing

“Distant views lets our imagination take us to places unknown,” by Mary Our trip to New England last year for the leaf season began in the beautiful State of Connecticut with a hike up Talcott Mountain.  The trail was a … Continue reading

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Meadow Light – charcoal, graphite, carbon drawing

“Drawing the landscape is a way to feel the work of Mother Nature” by Mary One year ago I drew a landscape that always seemed to call me back, like it just needed something to give it more life, a … Continue reading

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Daybreak – charcoal drawing

“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence”  by Henri Matisse Not my usual subject, but when I saw a photograph online at pmp (paint-my-photograph) I was intrigued by the way the woman’s hair flowed down … Continue reading

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Winter Find – charcoal drawing

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn” by Hal Borland Who would have believed that old man winter returned with such gusto.  Here is too special finds that the old man leaves behind ~ Winter Find, a charcoal … Continue reading

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White Flower Study, charcoal

Today a little something to celebrate the beginning of Spring ~ White Flower Study, was a quick charcoal drawing (9×6) on Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper.  My objective for this still life was to sketch the flower without too much detail … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil, by J.D. Hillberry – a book review

UPDATE to original post:  I’ve been contacted by North Light Shop, an online artist resource site.  They are offering readers of my blog an additional 20% discount off their price of this book.  If you use the link provided herein … Continue reading

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River Birches, charcoal drawing

Drawing with charcoal continues its hold over me as I explore its range of values and techniques to express a variety of subjects.  This river scene was particularly challenging in establishing depth in the back wooded area and for keeping … Continue reading

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The Quiet of Winter, charcoal drawing

I haven’t drawn a winter landscape in charcoal yet, so when I saw a scene that reminded me of farms during the winter months that I grew up around I decided to give it a try. The Quiet of Winter, … Continue reading

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Meadow Light, charcoal and carbon drawing

Time to get my hands a little dirty, so I decided to pick up some charcoal and oh yeah, did I make a mess or what – but it was a lot of fun drawing with this medium again! Meadow … Continue reading

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Resting Comfortably, graphite and charcoal

Continuing to challenge myself with still life drawings using graphite and charcoal ~ in this piece it was all about the double tablecloths, in particular the white one. Resting Comfortably, a graphite and charcoal drawing (9×12) was done on Strathmore … Continue reading

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