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Battered Fence Posts – charcoal and graphite drawing

“Battered by whatever Mother Nature delivers and still standing.  Fence posts are a great subject, each with character that tells their own story. ” by Mary Battered Fence Posts, a drawing (8×10) was drawn on Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper.  In … Continue reading

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Morning Light, graphite

My last drawing in charcoal was a little heavy and I thought why not lighten things up with this next piece.  Graphite was used because of its reflective qualities and along with certain blending techniques a soft atmosphere developed allowing … Continue reading

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River Birches, charcoal drawing

Drawing with charcoal continues its hold over me as I explore its range of values and techniques to express a variety of subjects.  This river scene was particularly challenging in establishing depth in the back wooded area and for keeping … Continue reading

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Morning Sunrise, oil pastel

Just a small break from painting trees, here is my latest landscape. Morning Sunrise was inspired by Viacheslav, a photographer and painter, from pmp – he showcased a warm sunrise lighting a field of grasses.  I know, it doesn’t contain trees, you’re right … Continue reading

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