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Artists Who Inspire: Meet Rita DiCaprio

It’s a real pleasure for me to introduce you to Rita DiCaprio of New York North Fine Art.  Rita was one of the very first artists that I met online when I began painting four years ago.  She also paints … Continue reading

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Personal Challenge – Rocks: #1 Shoreline Boulders

Time for a new personal challenge.  This time the challenge will consist of 15 paintings of different size rocks or boulders in a variety of settings. Rocks/boulders were chosen because I wanted to work on size, forms, textures and colors.  … Continue reading

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Three Studies of Underpainting Color Choices

There are a number of underpainting techniques that I enjoy using with my oil pastel paintings:  watercolor or soft pastel washes (washed with either water or alcohol), and gouache – acrylic – oil thinned paint.  Each offer a different result … Continue reading

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Hay Field, oil pastel

A challenge on Wetcanvas for oil pastels was a field with hay bales.  I haven’t had an opportunity to paint hay before, so I figured why not give it a try. This oil pastel (9×12) was painted on Mi-Teintes pastel paper that was tinted Cad. Yellow, which looked … Continue reading

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Landscape Painting, by Mitchell Albala – book review

Full title of book:  Landscape Painting, Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice, by Mitchell Albala. If you’re in the need for instructions on how to paint landscapes then this book may be for you.  Why I … Continue reading

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Autumn Pathway

Don’t you love finding quiet pathways where you can wander about and enjoy some down time, especially during the Autumn months.  As if on cue, Mother Nature gives us a gift every Fall sprinkling magical colors here and there making … Continue reading

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Painting Sunlight & Shadow with Pastels, a book review

For a long time I struggled with creating believable shadows and light using oil pastels (OPs), few credible resources exist for Op artists.  I wanted a source  with easy to understand explanations and demonstrations for painting sunlight and shadows.  I … Continue reading

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Monet’s Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism, a book review

The last 40+ years of Claude Monet’s life were mostly spent at his property in Giverny, France.  It was during this time that Monet cultivated his most significant work, the property gardens which became the inspiration for many of his … Continue reading

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