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Lookout Point on Talcott Mountain – charcoal drawing

“Distant views lets our imagination take us to places unknown,” by Mary Our trip to New England last year for the leaf season began in the beautiful State of Connecticut with a hike up Talcott Mountain.  The trail was a … Continue reading

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Mid-Day in Texas – charcoal drawing

“There is a quiet lonesomeness of the large Texas countryside, a beauty that quiets your thoughts and lets your eyes rest on natures’ bounty.”  by Mary Mid-Day in Texas is a charcoal drawing (8×10) that was done on Strathmore Bristol … Continue reading

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Meadow Light – charcoal, graphite, carbon drawing

“Drawing the landscape is a way to feel the work of Mother Nature” by Mary One year ago I drew a landscape that always seemed to call me back, like it just needed something to give it more life, a … Continue reading

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Winter Find – charcoal drawing

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn” by Hal Borland Who would have believed that old man winter returned with such gusto.  Here is too special finds that the old man leaves behind ~ Winter Find, a charcoal … Continue reading

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Amber – drawing

Amber, was drawn as a tribute for Janina, a photographer and artist who past away in December.  Janina was a member of pmp (Paint-My-Photograph) who shared her photographs of a number of subjects, the one she was known for was … Continue reading

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Morning Light, graphite

My last drawing in charcoal was a little heavy and I thought why not lighten things up with this next piece.  Graphite was used because of its reflective qualities and along with certain blending techniques a soft atmosphere developed allowing … Continue reading

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River Birches, charcoal drawing

Drawing with charcoal continues its hold over me as I explore its range of values and techniques to express a variety of subjects.  This river scene was particularly challenging in establishing depth in the back wooded area and for keeping … Continue reading

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The Quiet of Winter, charcoal drawing

I haven’t drawn a winter landscape in charcoal yet, so when I saw a scene that reminded me of farms during the winter months that I grew up around I decided to give it a try. The Quiet of Winter, … Continue reading

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Serengeti Sunset, charcoal drawing

My latest drawing was chosen to continue working lights and darks using purely charcoal.  This African scene was perfect for the challenge .  .  . with the sun setting over the trees, the hot bush giving way to a background … Continue reading

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A Frozen Creek, acrylic painting

Why do I love acrylic paints?  Because after spending what seemed like hours, painting a convincing winter village scene, I decided that if I wasn’t convinced no one else would be either, so what to do but throw on a … Continue reading

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